How To Play Pokemon Sacred Gold In 2020 [Detailed]❤️‍🔥

Do you love Pokemon? Do you want to refresh your old school Pokemon memories? If yes, you have arrived at the right place as we will learn how to play Pokemon Sacred Gold

But, before that, we will guide you on how to download Pokemon Sacred Gold

Note: We recommend you read up the article carefully until the end as if you miss any step; then, the ROM file may not load up properly. 

How To Download Pokemon Sacred Gold: 

Before we learn how to play Pokemon Sacred Gold, it’s essential to know the right steps to download the Pokemon Sacred Gold rom. To avoid any confusion, we have created separate sections to know where to look for what.

In this section, we will be mainly covering the steps to download Pokemon Sacred Gold.

If you have already downloaded the ROM file, we still recommend you have a brief look over the download section as a confirmation step to ensure that you have downloaded the right file from the right source. 

That being said, let’s roll it now!

1) Install a Nintendo DS Emulator

how to play pokemon sacred gold

The very first step is to download and install a Nintendo DS Emulator, due to Sacred Gold being a fan-made game. It doesn’t matter what emulator you install and what device, but just remember that the building of game files would only be possible on a Windows running system. 

After that, you are free to load the game on your Android & iOS devices. For those who are new to the world of emulators, here are some of the popular options based on respective operating systems:

  • Windows & Mac: 

For your Windows & Mac devices, you can install DeSmuME. There’s also another very popular emulator, NO$GBA, but that’s only for the Windows OS.

  • iOS: 

The world of iOS is full of restrictions, all thanks to Apple. Due to this, you will have to get your device jailbroken to install an emulator. 

Remember, if you jailbreak your device, it will void the warranty, and you may even get to experience stability issues. If you are okay with all of this, you may proceed to do the same and download nds4ios. For those who don’t know, it is a port of DeSmuME.

  • Android: 

For Android, the choices are endless! Right from Open NDS to nds4droid, there’s a heck lot of emulators variety to choose from, and the best part of all is that they are directly available for download on Google Play Store.

2) Download the clean HeartGold ROM

 download pokemon sacred go

As already discussed, Sacred Gold is a fan-made edition; henceforth, you will have to download the original and clean HeartGold ROM file (US version). 

To do the same, you can just search for “HeartGold ROM” on Google or click the below link to download the same

Pick up any top choice from the displayed search results and download the “(U)” edition. The downloaded file would be mostly in ZIP or RAR format. 

3) Extract the RAR/ZIP 

download pokemon sacred go

The NDS file you have just downloaded has to be extracted from the RAR/ZIP file. To extract the RAR file, you can download WinRAR here, whereas, for the ZIP file here, you can directly drag the NDS file to wherever you want.

4) Download the Sacred Gold Silver files

 download pokemon sacred go

The Sacred Gold edition creator needs you to download its files from a forum thread created by the developer. 

To do the same, visit this page (, and head to the bottom of the post until you land upon “Patches and Documentation”. 

Click on any one of the two downloadable links, and just follow the on-screen instructions.

How To Play Pokemon Sacred Gold:

Now that we have learned how to download Pokemon Sacred Gold, it’s time to know the steps to load and play the game. Let’s go!

1) Extract the downloaded Sacred Gold ZIP file

 download pokemon sacred go

The downloaded file should be extracted to a whole new folder, solely dedicated to Pokemon Sacred Gold. 

2) Open the newly extracted folder

download pokemon go

If we are not wrong, then the new folder should be titled 2sg2ss4105 or something close. Just open it and head to the Patches (contains all the tools for the building of ROM file) folder inside it.

3) Click on “xDelta GUI.exe”

download pokemon sacred go


At the time of opening of xDelta.GUI.exe, you may be prompted to install .NET Framework, in case you don’t have it installed, we would recommend you to do so,and after that,  allow all the permissions without being scared by any warning messages that you may come across at the time of opening xDelta.GUI.exe.

4) Click on “Select Patch’

download pokemon go

Once you have clicked on ‘Select Patch”, follow 2sg2ss4105 >> Patches >> Classic Version/Complete Version.

In the Classic version, the whole environment around you would change, but all of the stats, data, etc. of all of your Pokemon’s would remain pretty much the same. 

On the other side, the Complete version, will literally bring you to a whole new adventure, with your Pokemon stats being a surprise to you. 

5) Load the patch

You will be presented with two patches; choose the Sacred Gold patch to return to the program. 

6) Choose “Select ROM.”

 download pokemon sacred go

You need to select the NDS file of the original corresponding game, i.e., Pokemon Heart Gold, which was initially  downloaded and extracted. 

7) Hit on “Apply Patch.”

Once applied, the patch would result in a newly created file, which would have _patched at the end of its name. The  newly created patch file would be located in the same location as the NDS file. 

8) Copy the file wherever you want! 

 download pokemon sacred go

If you wish to play the game on some other device’s, please transfer the file via any method that you prefer. 

Right from direct USB transfer to cloud upload, anything and everything is fine until it doesn’t interfere with the file in any manner. 

9) Open your emulator and load the file! 

 download pokemon sacred go

That’s it! Open up your emulator and load the file through the menu, or whatever option is there for it in your emulator. 

How do I know that the game has started? 

If the patch file has been loaded up successfully, you will be greeted by Professor Oak, and there will be a clear mention of Sacred Gold at the start and thus, your game is on!

10) Explore the new awesomeness –

download pokemon go

The fan-made version has been created with more difficulty in comparison to the original version. 

The bosses or the fighters have up to six Pokemon in their team, making it tougher to deal with them. 

Thankfully, all the Pokemon are unlocked for you to create a team that everyone fears! It was even a surprise for us to see that Generation IV Pokemon were also available. 


  • Is it possible to make the game even harder? 

Ans: It’s a little surprising to see, but we have found dedicated Pokemon fans asking for more difficulty in Sacred Gold, and to be very honest with you, there’s a way to achieve that. 

Go ahead and check out the Nuzlocke challenge to level up the difficulty even further. 

  • Are there walkthroughs available for Pokemon Sacred Gold? 

Ans: Yes, there are separate walkthroughs or guides available for Pokemon Sacred Gold. Also, don’t mistake the Pokemon Heart Gold walkthroughs for the Sacred Gold ones as there are a lot of differences between them. 

  • What’s the best way to tackle the game? 

Ans: To ace the game, you will have to invest time and energy into forming one of the most hard-core Pokemon teams. Probably one where there’s a variety of them, with different skill and move sets. 

  • Can I run the patch on Mac? 

Ans: Sadly, the answer is a big NO! The patch, or more specifically, xxDelta GUI.exe, has been designed up for Windows only. So, to assemble and create the files, you will first perform it through Windows only. 

  • Is it illegal to download the ROM files? 

Ans: In most parts of the world, there isn’t any issue in downloading the ROM files. Some regions have made it illegal to download the ROM files of the ROM that you don’t own. 


We hope you would have understood how to play Pokemon Sacred Gold ROM on Windows, Android, or even iOS. 

From our side, we tried our best to present a brief and easy to understand guide so that even a very beginner can understand how to download, install, and load the files into an emulator. 

The great thing is that, if you have understood this procedure, then from the next time, you won’t have many difficulties in loading up your standard files into the emulator, as most of the steps remain pretty much the same. 

That being said, if you liked the article, then make sure you share it with your Pokemon enthusiastic friends.

If you have queries related to playing Pokemon Sacred Gold, please feel free to comment on your queries. The team or probably someone from the readers would come up to solve your query. 


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