How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

If a new version of Minecraft drops, then every server administrator must update their servers to the latest updates, as then only the players with the latest versions will be able to connect up to the game. That being said, in this article, we will learn how to update Minecraft server. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump straight into the step by step guide

How To Update Minecraft Server (Step-by-step Guide):

In this section, we will take a look at a step by guide on how you can go on updating your Minecraft server in the easiest and fastest manner

  • Locate the Minecraft Server Folder

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

The Minecraft server folder has all the files that make up the server. Make sure that you locate the right server folder.

  • Start the backup

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

It’s important that you back up the necessary files so that you can restore them later on. It’s advised that you back up the following files into a safe and secure location:

  1. First, get done with the configuration files (, banned-players.txt, banned-ips.txt, and ops.txt)
  2. Copy the World folder and place it right with your configuration files. The world folder contains the data of the Minecraft world. After the server update, with this folder, you will get back access to your saved world.
  3. If you also use a script to begin your game, then save the script file to another location so that you can retrieve it after the update.
  • Delete the contents of the folder 

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

If you have successfully backed up the files mentioned above, then it’s time to delete every content of the Minecraft Server folder. We perform this step as we don’t want the old files to mix up with the new ones and cause any issues later on. 

  • Head to Minecraft official website

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

It’s finally time to download the new server, and for that, you will have to head to Choose the respective server file as per your system. 

  • Copy the downloaded file into the Minecraft Server folder 

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

Once you have downloaded the new server file, locate it and copy it into the Minecraft Server folder. 

  • Change the name of the server file

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

You must rename the server file if you launch Minecraft through a batch file or script. To rename it, you have to eradicate the version number from the downloaded server file; for instance, minecraft_server.1.8.exe changes to minecraft_server.exe. 

  • Open and follow the on-screen instructions 

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

If you have successfully followed each step that we have mentioned until now, then it’s time to launch the new server file. Make sure you follow the on-screen instructions carefully to complete the installation. 

Now to conclude the steps of how to update Minecraft server, please do the following :

  • Close the server and restore the backed-up stuff.
  • Look for the .eula.txt file

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

Find the .eula.txt file and open it. Once the text file is opened, search for the line – eula=false. After you find the specific term, change it to eula=true. Apply the changes and close the file.

  • Hit on the server!

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

Open up the server file, and the update procedure will be initiated. That’s pretty much the easiest and most straightforward way on how to update the Minecraft server. The steps, as mentioned above, remain almost the same for the different Minecraft servers out there. 

Tips To Run A Successful Minecraft Server:

  • Be Unique

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

It’s important to deliver unique gameplay and something different from the usual stuff. When designing your gameplay, try to think from the perspective of a regular Minecraft player. Of course, there’s no guarantee that in the name of uniqueness, your gameplay is going to get successful, but that’s how you begin.

  • Understand Your Target Audience 

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

Just creating a server as per your will isn’t going to benefit you. It’s important to understand where your audience comes from and how they spend the country’s spending habits from where they hail. In short, analyze more and more of your target audience to gain better useful insights. 

  • Go With The Flow

How To Update Minecraft Server In 2020 [Detailed]

Remember, nothing is perfect, so sooner or later, even the highly popular Minecraft servers will come down the ladder until they don’t make necessary updates or improvements to keep up with the game.

That’s how the industry rolls in, my friend! Just remember to always go with the flow! If you learn to be dynamic, nobody can stop you from turning your normal or average server into a very successful one.


  • The Minecraft server folder seems to be missing on my system. How do I find it?

It’s important to know that the Minecraft Server folder has to be created manually. If you haven’t done that yet, then go ahead and do it. Whereas, if you have already made one but can’t seem to find it out, try to perform a deep system search.

  • When I try to download the server file, I only see the option for .jar?

If you don’t see the .exe version for some reason and are just able to view the .jar file version, then there’s nothing much to worry about. The last file extension should also run pretty normally on your Windows system.

  • Is it possible to downgrade to a previous version?

If you had already saved the previous version’s files at the time of upgrade roll-out, you could get back to the earlier versions.


We hope that through this article, you would have learned how to update Minecraft server. When people first learn how to make a Minecraft server, they generally get confused, they assume that the same applies even for updating or other later processes they may encounter in the future.

 Though, the truth is far from assumptions. It may be a bit difficult to make a Minecraft server like the building blocks, but when you move on to updating your servers and all, the process becomes a lot easy, as you have probably seen for yourself.

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