How To Tame a Fox In Minecraft In 2021 [Latest Guide]🔧🔧

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created in a java programming language by Majong Studio and was officially released in November 2011. Since it has been ported to various platforms, it has become one of the best selling video games of all time and has sold around 200 million copies worldwide.

The Minecraft game is all about taming different animals. For example, you can tame a cat and keep it in your house or tame a horse that can accompany you to adventures.

You can also tame other animals like cows, pigs, and sheep and start a whole new farm. But this may sound a little too mainstream to you so you can apply another approach like taming a fox and this article will teach you how to tame a fox in minecraft in 2020.

Minecraft players love making foxes as they are incredibly cute animals. Their passive and trust based behavior that they show towards the player when tamed is why people want to learn how to tame a fox in minecraft.

It is quite tricky to find foxes in Minecraft. They are the first nocturnal passive mobs that spawn in the taiga, giant tree taiga, and the snowy taiga biomes, in a group of 2-4, usually because they like nesting in leafy forests.

These are the coldest forest surfaces. They move to the village at night to spawn in complete darkness. 

Adult foxes have a 20% chance to spawn. Baby foxes have a 5% chance to spawn holding items, including emerald, rabbit foot, egg, wheat, leather, and a feather. Naturally, bred foxes will not trust your player but if you give them a sweet berry on two adult foxes, the baby produced by them will indeed trust your player.

In the taiga, red-orange and white foxes are most likely to be found in snowy taiga biomes. White foxes are rarer than the red and they can’t spawn in their respective biomes.

Foxes are one of the few mobs that can sleep in Minecraft but they tend to sleep during the day time only. They are the only overworld land mob that can jump more than one block high without status effects or player input. When foxes were added into Minecraft, a glitch occurred where they looked like boxes, but that was an error that was fixed afterwards.

They can leap fences and walls I .e… they can wreak on a Minecraft village they visit at night.

A fox’s behavior is different during day and night. During the daytime, Fox tries to find shelter to sleep. It will curl up and make snoring noises. While at night, Foxes wonder around, eating nearby sweet berry bushes. It runs away from polar bears, wolves, and players if they try to get close to them. During the night, foxes will emit screeching noises.

How To Tame a Fox In Minecraft?

You can make a fox in Minecraft by breeding two adult foxes by following the instructions below:

  • Foxes are shy, so you need to sneak to approach them, but if you find a fox in the wild and contact too quickly, they tend to run away from you.                                                                                                   
  • They love sweet berries, so you’re going to approach them with a stock of fresh berries in your hand- you don’t want to run out of berries before taming your fox. Feeding them with sweet berries will help you build up a relationship with the little guy.     
  • They can’t be tamed like other animals so for taming the fox, you’re supposed to find a mob of foxes and feed two of the sweet berries, as fresh berries are a philter and turn-on ( which help them breed like other animals) until A HEART appears above the head of both of them, they will produce and create a new, totally Thames fox for you to raise.

You can read about more on growing other animals on minecraft here!

  • New baby foxes will trust your player, but it tends to trust its parents more. Baby foxes follow nearby adults, so if an adult runs away from the player, baby foxes tend to do the same, even if it is tamed. To keep a baby fox by your side, you can attach a lead to your baby fox. Until it matures and stops following other foxes.


Foxes will attack other animals like tropical fish, rabbits, chickens, cod, salmon, and anything trying to harm the player but will not eat invulnerable chickens. 

If it finds anything on the ground nearby, the fox will travel to the item, pick it up, and appear in the fox’s mouth, but technically they are holding items in their main hand. 

A fox and player can pick up any items. However, Foxes will prioritize mostly food items, especially sweet berries; they are the only Minecraft mob that will not damage sweet berry bushes, whereas other animals like chicken have a fatal injury because of the sweet berry bushes.

And never use a cake to tame a fox, it will only run away from the player as they hate cakes. They can also swap the non-food item with a food item.

Foxes that are carrying any weapon with an enchantment will deal with more and the same amount of damage to the fox’s victim when attacked.

For instance, if you dump an enchanted diamond sword on the ground, they will pick it up and will use it to attack the enemy and will defend you. So a fox army can defend you if you gain their trust and tame them. 

Foxes will follow the player everywhere. They can be easily put in a boat by attaching a lead with them and taking them across the river to your home. That’s a wrap on how to tame a fox in Minecraft, over to FAQ’s for questions!


  • What is the role of foxes in Minecraft?

Answer- (a) They can pick up any items they want just like the player and can carry various items around in their mouths. Hence, foxes will target the villages specifically to steal items from villagers and eat their chicken.

(b) A mature fox will trust you completely and will help you with enemies and anything that is trying to attack the player. It will use the items it is holding in its mouth like a demand sword to attack the enemy, and that’s how to tame a fox in minecraft.

  • How do you train foxes in Minecraft?

Answer- They love sweet berries, ss firstly you must find and grow and grow sweet berries, and can be found in the taiga or snowy taiga bio mine. It is best to carry a stack full of berries to tame at least two foxes.

Once you have fed them until your heart appears above both of them. Once you have found 2 foxes and can make them breed, feed berries to the baby fox and they will start trusting you and will become your pet and will follow you everywhere.

  • Who are the predators of foxes?

Answer- Wild wolves are very aggressive towards foxes when within 16-18 blocks. They attack by jumping on the fox and fox turns red, which indicates damage.

In Java Edition, Adult polar bears sneak towards foxes to attack them. Even baby polar bears also attempt to attack foxes within 16 blocks though they usually are very passive.

In Bedrock Edition, adult polar bear attacks foxes within 16 blocks.

  • How can fox die in Minecraft? And what all things will it drop?

Answer- Foxes can die only when a player or a tamed wolf kills them, and they tend to drop the things it is holding in its mouth.

They always drop any items they pick up and are still holding; they cannot drop an item they have already eaten. Note that you should pick the items before they disappear. Those items are handy and should be kept in the inventory for later use.

  • What is the use of the item-totem of undying?

Answer- If a fox happens to hold a totem of undying in their mouth and receives fatal damage, the totem will get activated the same as if a player was holding it and will revive the fox just like the player. The totem will disappear, but the fox will stay alive.

When a player consumes the totem of undying while having fatal damage, it will restore one health point.

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