How To Make A Mansion In Minecraft? [Step by Step] 🏠

If you are one of the folks looking for some insights on How to build a mansion in Minecraft you might wanna scroll down, we have detailed it step by step. But first let’s get to know what is a Minecraft mansion!

Minecraft is a video game that was developed by Mojang studios. The game was released in 2011, and since then, it has been a super hit. People of all ages love the game, the groups: young as well as old.

The app has been on the list of gamers dating back to years back; nearly 480 million gamer folks are glued to Minecraft. 

A Minecraft mansion or a woodland mansion is a structure that has been added in the edition 1.11 of java. It is a house for evokers and indicators in the game of Minecraft. It also houses numerous loot chests.

How To Build a Mansion In Minecraft ?

How To Make A Mansion In Minecraft?In the game ‘Minecraft,’ each player can make a Minecraft mansion. Large wooden estates are already present in the dark forest and the biomes of the dark woods. These large mansions can easily be located by explorer maps, obtained by trading with cartographers in the villages.

The mansions with its stories built by the players can be customized as per their needs. Customization such as adding trees, flowers, or other decoration material is also possible while building a mansion.

All you need to do is go through this stepwise guide of how to make a mansion in Minecraft, and you will be able to create one within no time.

List Of Things Needed To Build A Mansion

Before answering how to make a minecraft mansion , we shall first see the list of things needed to build a mansion. Though the list of materials that you will need depends on the type of mansion that you are looking to build. We shall take a look at the standard materials required:

  •  778 blocks of quartz
  •  448 slabs of quartz
  •  355 planks of oaks
  •  292 concrete(grey)
  •  151 glass panes stained black
  •  99 blocks of stones
  •  82 leaves
  •  52 slabs of oaks
  •  116 pots of flowers
  •  12 stairs of quartz

How To Make A Mansion In Minecraft?

Now Look At The Steps On How To Make A Mansion In Minecraft?

Laying Walls

  • L- shaped Gray concrete, which is 4×7 in size, should be laid down as the very first thing.
  • Once you are done, place four concrete boxes in a diagonal form to the left, starting from the right towards the longer side.
  • What you need to do is create a section that is a mirror image to the left side. Once the concrete has been laid on the ground, start building the mansion walls by placing ten blocks vertically.


  • The flooring should be done to cover the area which is present between the two walls so that the carpet covers the green space.
  • All the flooring is done by quartz blocks. 
  • Once the process of flooring is completed, planks of oaks should be laid from the fourth block up in the walls so that the next floor can be built.
  • The next thing that needs to be done is placing blocks of quartz above the planks of oaks to create another level or poor.
  • You are adding planks of oaks going up to fill the gaps between the portion between the front and the back, starting from the far wall of concrete from the left side. Once the left side is done, you should do three more columns.

Crafting Windows

  • Windows are an essential part of a house. So, now comes the step where the black stained panes of glass are to be used. 
  • Add these next to each pair of columns. Now go around to the backside and place the walls of oaks and the panes of glass.

Widening The Walls

  • The next thing you need to do is widen the walls to fill the gaps for both the front and the backsides.
  •  After doing that, you need to connect them across the roof. A mansion without a balcony looks incomplete. 
  • The next step is to create a gallery around the house with the help of quartz blocks and then add the panes of glass to make the railings of the balcony.
  • Door has a vital role to play while creating a mansion. So, the next step is to create the doors at the back and in the front of the mansion.

Crafting A Roof

  • Can you imagine a mansion without a roof? So, creating a roof is as Important as making sure the mansion looks impressive once completed. 
  • To make the roof of the mansion, place the slabs of quartz on the too. 
  • How would you move to a roof now?/Yes, you need a staircase also? So to be a staircase using blocks of quartz on each side going from the left before you go diagonal towards the back. 
  • As you move, each of these should be increased by a count of one block. Once you reach the end, move towards your left to three blocks and then mirror the same look.
  • Steps have to be created by adding the slabs of oaks between these starting from the ground level and slowly moving up with each row.
  • The back of the staircase can also be extended by using the slabs of quartz to make a more extended walkway.

Stabling The Mansion

  • The same steps need to be followed for the other side of the mansion too.
  • To make it stable, you need to look for space first around the back of the house. 
  • Once you have finalized the area, outline the stable with rooms. Place the blocks of quart around the doors and add the window panes.
  •  Place torches inside the stable to aid lightning and place hay bales on the floor of the stable. Build a fence and a simple roof on the top.

Land Scaping

  • The final thing to do while building a mansion is landscaping
  • Once the fence has been built around the house and the stable, make sure there is enough space between the wall and the building.
  •  Make a path with the slabs of stones at the edge of the fence. You can also add a gate and some plants to make it look more amazing. 
  • Place saplings of spruce 2×2 and one square block at the back of the mansion.

TIP– If you tap on the saplings, the saplings will grow into a matured tree and hence done repeatedly it will transform into a tree.

 Believe it or not, but these few simple steps on how to make a mansion in minecraft are going to let you make a beautiful mansion for yourself in the game of Minecraft.


  • Is it hard to make a mansion in Minecraft?

Ans: It depends on what kind of mansion you are planning to build! A normal or the commonly constructed mansions can be easily made. However, nothing is hard, if you know the right way to approach it. In our article, we have listed step by step on how to easily make the most beautiful mansion in Minecraft.

  • When did the mansion become a part of Minecraft?

Ans: Mansion became a part of Minecraft, right from the time of 1.11 of java.


When Minecraft was initially launched, game lacked a lot of feature, building a mansion was a big deal when the feature was new. Still, handful of skilled gamers possess this ability, day’s are gone when it use to be a hard earned skill, make your unique mansion’s by grasping the steps on how to make a modern mansion in Minecraft, we made it tap-tap for you to build a perfect mansion of you dream.

Even after so many years, Minecraft has a tons of activity but building a mansion is still a skill to be earned and it’s most loved.

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