Make A Map In Minecraft

How To Make A Map In Minecraft ? [Step by Step Guide]

This post will tell you about how to make a map on Minecraft  with detailed steps.

The transforming landscape of Minecraft is now an adventurous pursuit of building, mining, and battling mobs.

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was created by Mojang in 2009. A brainchild of Markus “Notch” Persson, this game started off as a simple mining and crafting game a decade back. With a variety of features added over the years, the face of this game has changed many folds.

Minecraft Map
Minecraft Map

In this game, players play in 2 modes: Survival and Creative where they create and break apart different kinds of blocks in 3-dimensional worlds. The survival mode is for those who like a challenge. It lets players find their own food and supplies for building.

In this venture, they interact with dangerous creepers and zombies and many other block-like mobs; the creative mode, players are provided with supplies and they do not need to eat to survive, and they can break all the different kinds of blocks in a snap. 

How To Make a Map On Minecraft?

Minecraft is a world of limitless fun with a vast playground to explore. In its world, if you choose the “infinite” world type then you can see the virtual terrain stretch in every direction, far and wide. This can make players, especially the novice and younger ones, lose their way and stray from the Minecraft track. In such a scenario a locator map in minecraft  would help players keep their bearing and find their way back home. 

Why Should One Create Maps?

Maps are another important part of your Minecraft inventory especially if you are working in survival mode or playing on multiplayer servers. Minecraft Compass help players in navigating easily by showing the surrounding area. They help more in survival mode by not letting you get lost when you are away from home.

When To Create Maps?

In case you have defined your realm with a “flat” type then you would not need to know how to make a map in minecraft. In this mode, there are only 256 X 256 blocks that do not let you wander too far away from home or fall off an edge. Maps are mostly needed in infinite terrains. You can make them in 5 specific sizes which can easily track your way from small to large distances. 

Types Of Maps In Minecraft:

There are mainly 2 types of maps in Minecraft. Basic map and locator map. The basic map (also called just map) does not give you location tracking. It just presents the actual map of your realm. To track your as well as all the other players’ positions in the realm you need a locator map. 

Whichever map you create, you will not be able to get insight into all the rivers, mountains, or deserts in your surroundings. It works like a cloud’s veil which pulls back bit by bit at a time, as you move forward on the terrain. You will be able to discover the entire realm eventually in your complete journey.

What You Need To Create The Map?

There are specific tools and ingredients needed to create either of the maps, they are:

  • A crafting table
  • A furnace
  • 4 iron ore blocks – They reside just above sea level.
  • One pile of redstone dust – In order to obtain this you would need a block of redstone ore. Once you get this, you need to throw it in the furnace and add some fuel to make redstone dust.
  • 9 sugar canes to create paper.
  • Fuel to burn the furnace – You can make fuel with any of the items listed here: 1 block of coal, 1 block of charcoal, 4 blocks of wood. You would need to combine wood and coal and burn it in the furnace to get charcoal. Coal is available from coal ore which can be found in caves or underground. A pickaxe can be used to break it.

Creating The Map

Here we will go through the steps involved in creating an empty locator map that would display your current location. Steps 1-5 will guide you on how to create a minecraft compass for the map. But if you do not want a map with geolocation then you can directly start building your map from step 6.

  • Open the furnace. Add the iron ore and fuel to the furnace.
  • The furnace would then create iron bars till either the iron ore or fuel is exhausted (or you exit the furnace). Drag these iron bars into your inventory.
  • Now open the crafting table and add the newly created iron bars (4 of them) along with a pile of redstone dust. The crafting table would create a compass with this input.
  • Now drag this compass down into your inventory. Do not close the crafting table yet.
  • Next, drag 3 stacks of sugar canes into the squares at the bottom of the crafting table. One sugarcane stack would create 3 sheets of paper. So you need to drag the papers into your inventory 3 times.
  • With the crafting table still open, select the compass which is in your inventory and drag it to the square at the center. Rest of the squares should be filled with one sheet of paper each (a total of 8 would be needed)
  • In case you are not making a locator map then you could swap the compass for an additional sheet of paper in the center square.
  • Finish the process of creating the empty locator map by dragging into your Hot bar or inventory.

Minecraft may look like a simple adventure with its deceptive blocky look but you will be impressed by the complexity of this game once you delve into it. It has grown tremendously after its first version was released and it certainly ranks amongst the top selling games of all times.


How Can You Fill A Locator Map?

  • To fill the empty locator map, follow the steps outlined below,
  • Open your inventory and drag your empty locator map to the Hotbar. Select the map and bring up the map view by the following method:
  • On PC – press the right mouse button
    On mobile – tap “create map” if that option is there at the bottom of the screen or tap and hold the screen.
  • Console – Click the left trigger.
    The map will start filling after a moment in the direction you are currently looking towards.You need to start traveling around the realm to fill the map.
  • You can start seeing edges of the map being filled with data as you move along. The initial map fills only once space is taken up and does not scroll to show you more space. 
  • A white oval on the map will be your location and player indicator. In case you did not create a compass for your map then this indicator will not be there.

Are There Points Or Levels In Minecraft?

No, the game is all about exploring, building, and surviving.

Levels in minecraft
Levels in minecraft

How Many Players Are Needed To Play Minecraft?

You could either play by yourself or go online to play with others. If you have a Smartphone or a tablet then you could connect to the game via WiFi and get into multi-player games. You can connect to thousands of other Minecraft online games (servers) online where they can also battle one another.

Which Devices Support Minecraft?

There are different versions of Minecraft for Macs, PCs, and Xbox 360. It also has versions for iPhones, iPad, Android smartphones, and kindle fire.

Is There An Age Limit To Play The Game?

Players who are below 12 years need to have their parent make their accounts.

Which Versions Of Minecraft Has Maps In It?

The following versions of Minecraft have maps available in them:

Platform Supported?
Java Edition (PC/Mac) Yes
Pocket Edition (PE)  Yes (0.14.0)
Xbox 360 Yes
Xbox One Yes
PS3 Yes
PS4 Yes
Wii U Yes
Nintendo Switch Yes
Windows 10 Edition Yes (0.14.0)
Education Edition Yes

How Can One Copy A Map In Minecraft?

You can easily duplicate a map in Minecraft with the use of a cartography table. The idea behind cloning a map is to provide other players with a copy of your map. This would help them return to ground zero safely. Your current map must be complete before making its copy.  Follow the steps below to copy your map:

  • Open the cartography table. Place your completed map in the top square (the one you want to duplicate) and an empty map in the bottom square.
  • You can name your original map here; the process will rename both the maps eventually.
  • The cartography table would create an exact replica of your map and both the copies would appear in the result box.
  • Drag both the maps into your inventory
  • You can repeat the above steps to make more copies of your map.

    Copy a map In Minecraft
    Copy a map In Minecraft

What Are Some Of The Other Things That Can Be Done Using A Cartography Table?

You could increase the size of a map and also lock a map using a cartography table.

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