How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft In 2020?🤔🤔

Although Minecraft doesn’t have a complicated graphics style, it would require Mod packs to run the game, which would eventually need more memory.

By default, Minecraft uses 2GB of the computer’s RAM, but for the smooth and fast running of the game, you would require to increase the memory capacity. In the article, we will discuss the methods of how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft In 2020?

How To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft?

RAM is allocated from the default or vanilla launcher in this method. More RAM can be a part of what is used by the Minecraft launcher even though the original Minecraft launcher got changes over time. A detailed description for helping you allocate more RAM to Minecraft is displayed as follows:

  • Firstly we need to find out a sufficient amount of RAM present for the game.
  •  You now need  to open Minecraft launcher , and select the version that you want to play.
  • The version can be Java or Bedrock. Then from the tabs at the top, installations are selected. If a specific version is selected, a list of releases is displayed below. Otherwise, if the version is not selected, it only shows the current version of the game.
  •  Once the mouse hovers over it, we find the three white dots on the right and click on the same.
  •  You now need to click on edit via a drop-down menu.
  •  A screen will appear with pieces of information like version, name of the installation, and other setting details. 
  • On the screen, we click more options and go to the JVM Arguments field setting by scrolling. This setting field contains java code –Xmx2G.
  •  At about the end of this field is a number (2 sets by default), which denotes the amount of RAM used by Minecraft. It is “2” initially at the time loading.
  • One can change it from “2” to the amount of RAM one wants to use.
  • Once the change is implemented, then to confirm, click on Save, and exit the Launcher. Then the game is started.How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft In 2020?

Note: We assign more RAM according to the amount present in the system. We can set the full RAM available to the system to Minecraft. In such a case, to have a maximum effect, no other application should run on the computer other than the game. Playing the game with more Memory shows a better accomplishment.

How To Assign RAM Using ATLauncher?

ATLauncher does not have to deal with any heavy java code, assigning more RAM more comfortably than with the default launcher. Below we describe
how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft server.

  • You can open the ATLauncher.
  • Open up the Setting from the list option on the right-hand side of the Launcher. 
  • Under Setting, we have the Java/Minecraft tab at the top of the screen. It is selected. There are several options among which we can choose and assign. But at present, we are concerned with just the second option, Maximum Memory / RAM. 
  • Now, type the amount of RAM required, or one can click and choose the value using the scrollbar. The values given in the list box are there at intervals of 0.5.
  • After everything is done and the amount of extra RAM selected, we click SAVE to save the settings.How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft In 2020?

It is required to allot more RAM if one is playing Sky-Factory, a mod-heavy pack. 4GB RAM is the minimum requirement to start Sky Factory 4.

How To Assign RAM  Using The Twitch Or Curse Launcher?

Modification of settings in the twist launcher is as easy as ATLauncher, as discussed above. The dissimilarity lies in the early process of getting to the settings.

We click the three lines on the top right corner. Then we go to FILE and then go to SETTINGS and click on it. Opening the Settings menu from inside the twist launcher can also be done by pressing the shortcut keys CTRL+ Comma.

  • First, we start the twist launcher.
  • In Setting, the menu traverses Minecraft and goes to the lower part of the screen. We came across a title Java Settings. In that section, search Allocated Memory and click the slider there.
  • Three thousand two hundred and twenty-eight MB of RAM, by default, lands up to Sky Factory 4. Titas an example. The slider can be moved to the left or right to increase or decrease RAM allocation. The increments or decrement of the slider is 0.25.
  • After allocating with the slider, the process is over. Now the player can play the game with a configuration of higher RAM and hence better performance.
    How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft In 2020?

No need to explicitly save as changes are automatically saved.

How To Allot RAM To Minecraft Using Technic Launcher?

  • Initially, you need to open the Technic Launcher.
  • At the top-right is a small gear using which Launcher setting is selected.
  • Now select the java settings among the four options in the launcher settings.
  • A dropdown is made available to adjust Memory.
  • After that, the memory value, i.e., RAM value, is set according to the requirement.
  • Here you do not need to save the changes as they are automatically saved.

How To Allott More RAM To Minecraft Using Technic Launcher

  • When you open the FTB Launcher, look out at right side for Options.
  • Move on to RAM Maximum (MB) slider.
  •  Adjust the slider to the required Memory. ( It is always preferable to set it to 4096)
  • Settings are auto-saved.


  • Which is the best launcher to allot more RAM to Minecraft?

Ans: There are a variety of launchers available, and you are free to go with any of the leading ones. In our article, the launchers that we have listed should easily make it possible for you to allot more RAM to Minecraft.

  • Is it easy to allot RAM to Minecraft?

Ans: If you try to follow the traditional approach, then you may face a bit of difficulty. However, the modern and third party tools make it extremely easy and straightforward to allot extra RAM to Minecraft.


So, these were the steps on how to allocate more ram to minecraft. It is beneficial for playing Minecraft with additional RAM as then the player can play without any hindrance. But at the same time, the system’s overall performance degrades if the game uses up most of the RAM.

This is because the other process of the computer requires RAM. It is recommended to leave 1GB of RAM for system performance other than the game.  Java 8 must be installed on a 64-bit processor for Minecraft to run on that computer system.


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