How To Make A Cake In Minecraft? [Stepwise]😱😱

The coolest and popular stuff one can try their hands on in Minecraft is cake. One can craft and eat a cake in Minecraft, which is the only edible block in the Minecraft game.

A cake appears as a concrete block that has a sponge base and toppings of ice and cherries. You can consume the cake to generate hit points. You get 1 point per bite with a maximum of 6 points.

One of the exciting facts about feeding on Minecraft cake is you would need to keep it on a block before you can feast on the cake.

Yes, few scrolls down, you get all the insights in baking a cake and feasting on it. Lets, get through the process of how to make a cake in Minecraft? Let us go through the process now.

Crafting Minecraft Cake
Craft A Minecraft Cake

How To Make A Cake In Minecraft?

If you do not want to craft a cake, instead wish to trade it, you can deal with villagers. You can get one cake if you swap with one emerald of yours.

Before learning how to make a cake in Minecraft, you would first need to collect all the ingredients required to craft it.

Minecraft Cake
Craft A Cake In Minecraft

Below Are The Required Ingredients  To Craft A Cake In Minecraft:

  • You can get three buckets of milk by taking a bucket and right-clicking on a cow or a mushroom. It will fill the bucket while your character holds the bucket.
  • Three Wheat Blocks– You would need to plant the wheat seeds into the soil to get the wheat blocks. These wheat blocks can occur later on harvest to produce wheat. You can also find grain in dungeon chests. The grain is needed to act as “flour” for the cake.
  • One chicken egg – You can get eggs from a chicken. Chickens are there in the wilderness, or you could capture chickens and keep them in fences.
  • Two sugar – You can obtain sugar from sugarcane. A fully grown sugarcane can drop three sugarcane pieces, which can then be crafted to get sugar. If you do not have your farm, then this ingredient is the toughest to make.

Process Of Making The Cake

Now that you have all the ingredients in your hand let us learn how to make a Minecraft cake in real life. You would need a crafting table to make this cake. Each player, by default, gets a 2X2 crafting grid that is present in their inventory. But the cake recipe is a bit complicated and needs a 3X3 crafting grid.

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  • Open the inventory box (press “E”). Place 4 wooden planks into the 2X2 crafting grid, present at the top right-hand corner.
  • The wooden planks can be like birch, oak, spruce, acacia, jungle, or dark oak.
  • After this step, you should be able to see a crafting table appear on the right-hand side.
  • Right-click on this new crafting table to put it into your inventory.

Now Right Click On The Crafting Table To Open It And Place The ingredients In It In The Following Manner:

  • Place the three buckets of milk at the three slots in the top row. 
  • In the middle row, place one block of sugar on the left-most slot and another sugar block on the right-most space.
  • Place the egg in the slot at the center slot of the middle row.
  • Place the three wheat at the three slots in the bottom row.
  • Now transfer this item into your inventory by right-clicking or drag-drop.

How To Place And Eat The Newly Made Cake?

After learning how to make a cake in Minecraft, the next one is how to eat the cake. Eating a cake is not simple, a cake isn’t possible to be eaten directly from the inventory.

Each cake block contains 6 slices. Each part of the cake would restore 1 hunger, and in total, the player can restore 6 fits of hunger. Cakes are not allowed to be there in your inventory, nor can you move them and place them on the ground.

It is a transparent block hence cannot be picked up once placed down. You cannot eat the cake by holding the block, nor can you put the cake where you cannot build. To eat it, follow the below process:

  • Take another block and place down the cake on that block.
  • To eat the cake, right-click on it.
  • You could also share slices of your cake with other players. Each cake has 6 slices so one cake block can be shared amongst 6 players.

Supported platforms

You Can Make A Cake In The Versions Of Minecraft Listed Below:

Platform Supported or not (Version)
Java Edition – PC or Mac Yes
Pocket edition (PE) Yes (0.7.0)
Xbox 360 Yes
Xbox One Yes
PS3 Yes
PS4 Yes
Wii U Yes
Nintendo switch Yes
Windows 10 edition Yes
Education edition Yes


How To Make A Bucket In Minecraft?

  • You would need 3 iron ingots
  • Place the 3 iron ingots in a 3X3 crafting table
  • Iron ingots need to arrange in a specific pattern on the crafting table.
  • The first row has 1 iron ingot in the leftmost slot and another iron ingot in the rightmost slot.
  • In the 2nd row, place the 3rd iron ingot in the center slot.
  • Once you place the ingots in the right positions, you would see a bucket appear on the right side.
  • Once you get away with crafting your buckets, you need to move them to your inventory by either right-clicking or drag-drop method.


Minecraft gives gamers a highly satisfying cycle of mining resources and creating from the resources they mine. It’s Minecraft at its most basic level, which has drawing power for millions of gamers worldwide. The game also allows for exploration, where you can start a new and unique world in Minecraft.

It has 2 modes, survival and creative. In creative mode, players create using blocks in a 3-dimensional world.

In creative mode, players create using blocks in a 3-dimensional world. They do not have to bother about their supplies and food. In the survival mode, players need to find their supplies and food and deal with moving creatures and block like mobs. You can play this game just by yourself or enjoy it with multiple online players.

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