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How To Make A Book In Minecraft In 2020?[Detailed]🧐🧐

In Minecraft Inventory, books are an essential basic item. Books are very simple to make and need very few ingredients namely paper and leather. However, finding the ingredient is one tough job. However, it has a solution, after building your own farm, it is very unlikely that you run out of the ingredients.

A Minecraft Book
A Minecraft Book

Minecraft allows players to explore a total procedure that dominated the 3D world with unlimited terrain. In the process, the players discover and extract items, craft tools, and raw materials. One can use these items for building structures and earthworks. 

There are two game modes namely survival mode and creative mode. In survival mode, the player has to necessarily procure resources to build and maintain the health whereas in creative mode the resources available are unlimited.

A Minecraft Book
A Minecraft Book

Supported Versions Of Minecraft For A Book

Following Versions Of Minecraft Support Crafting Of The Book:

  • Java Edition on PC or Mac
  • Pocket Edition
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox one
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

Material Required For Making A Book

For Making A Book In Minecraft Following Material Is Required:

  • 3 Papers which are made out of sugar cane.
  • 1 Leather which can be extracted from cow or horse.

    Making a book
    Material Required To Make A Book

How To Make A Book In Minecraft 

You can make a book in Minecraft with the required ingredients in three different ways. Following are the different ways through which you can make a book in Minecraft:

1.Minecraft Or The Console Or Computer


  • Collecting Sugar cane
How to make a book in Minecraft
Sugarcane in Minecraft

A green reed growing near the water bodies is sugar cane. Sugar cane is mostly available on the coastline world.

Once you find sugarcane, you can break it with bare hands or any tool and collect it. It is important to note here that sugarcane grows only near warm biomes and not near-frozen water.

  • Sugarcane Farm

Sometimes it becomes challenging to find and hunt for sugarcane. So you can start a sugarcane farm by planting a sugar cane piece on the ground. The conducive environment for the growth of sugar cane is:

      • Sugarcane grows only on podzol, grass, sand, or dirt.
      • The land area of the plantation (sugarcane) should be near at least one block of water.
      • The harvest action of sugar is only possible when it is tall. The top block has to be broken to perform the same. If you plan to keep the growth of sugarcane intact, then make sure that the lower part doesn’t end up becoming a part of the harvest. 
  • Converting cane into paper

For the conversion into paper, the sugar cane should get harvested. We need a lot of papers to make a book. So fill one row (containing three blocks) of the crafting table with one sugar cane each. And you get three sheets of paper out of it.

  • Requiring leather

Through cows or horses, you can extract leather. Cows are available in abundance while horses are found only in savannah or plains. We need one piece of leather for making one book. When one animal gets killed, we get 0 to 2 units of leather. 

The great thing is that even with four rabbit hides or by fishing, you can procure leather. The harvested stalks from growing wheat lure cows. All of this ensures the availability of leather always. When a pair of cows get offered more wheat, they breed, and the animal quantity remains sufficient.

  • Crafting

The crafting menu contains a 3 x 3 crafting grid. We have to add three paper and one leather to make a book.

  • Adding ingredients

The first row should be filled up by the paper and leather in the first column of the second row. This is called the Minecraft recipe for making a book. Once the ingredients get added in the correct pattern, the book appears in the right side box.

  • Transferring to inventory

The book has to be transferred to the inventory after it gets crafted.

2.Minecraft Pocket edition


  • The version number:

The Pocket edition version has to be 0.12.1 or more, and for that, you have to make a book in Minecraft from paper and leather. The performance of Minecraft between 0.3.0 to 0.12.1 does not require leather to craft a book. But also the book does not have any use. The book is not available at all for the versions below 0.3.0

  • Sugar cane

The sugar cane hunting and growing are similar to those in the console or computer version of Minecraft. Through the bone meal, it’s possible to have faster and better growth.

  • Leather
Leather in Minecraft
Leather In Minecraft

The cow can be used to extract leather, just like in a computer or console version. Leather quickly gets sorted in Pocket edition 0.11 or the later versions.

  • Crafting

On the crafting table, from the decorations menu, select a paper recipe. The whole thing turns the sugar cane into the paper.

  • Book

The combination of leather and paper can churn out a book. The book is available in the decorations section under the crafting table menu.

3.Crafting Other Items With The Use Of A Book


  • Bookshelves
How to make a book in Minecraft

By combining books with wooden planks, you can make bookshelves. You need six planks and three books to make a bookshelf.

The three planks’ recipe is to be placed on the top row and three planks on the bottom row while the three books are to be in the middle row. And the bookshelf is ready.

  • Enchantment table

The ingredients required are four obsidian, two diamonds, and one book to make an enchantment table. The placing items is such that four obsidians are present on the bottom row and the center block.

The two diamonds are placed on the right and left block of the center row while the book is present in the top row’s center block.

To experience special abilities for armor, weapon, and tools, use the enchantment table. The obsidian gets created when there’s a change in the flow of water. A diamond pickaxe is essential for mining obsidian.

  • Book and quill

When a book, feather, and inc sac is placed on the crafting area, it results in a book and quill. This item allows you to write long messages.

However, this is not available in old versions of the console and pocket edition. You can extract the feathers by killing chickens, whereas the ink sac can be extracted from killing squid.



Minecraft has bagged several awards in all these years. It is also acknowledged as the largest prestigious and noteworthy video game. In June 2020 it is included in the “world video game Hall of Fame”. Minecraft is known to be used in the educational stream as well. Another spin-off game from Minecraft includes Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons, Story mode, etc.


How Do You Make An Easy Book In Minecraft?

If you head to stronghold libraries, villages and in stronghold chests, then you will be able to find books. It can be enchanted to store an enchantment for later use. 

How Do You Duplicate Or Copy A Book In Minecraft?

You can clone several copies of a written book by adding more books and quills in the crafting area. Also, it’s possible to stack the written books as high up to sixteen per stack.

How Many Books Does It Take To Make Fifteen Bookshelves?

The top and bottom texture of a bookshelf use the same texture of oak planks by default. Ninety planks, forty-five leather, and one hundred thirty-five paper combined together make fifteen bookshelves.

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