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How To Randomize Pokemon Sacred Gold In 2021?

Pokémon Sacred Gold is already a modded version, and on top of that, applying a Randomizer to it can literally take the gaming experience to a whole new level! Does this sound interesting? If it does, you are at the right place as in today’s article, we will teach you how to randomize Pokémon Sacred Gold on your PC. Sadly, as per the writing of the article, randomizing is available for PC users only. 

How To Randomize Pokemon Sacred Gold?

Before getting into the process of randomizing the pokemon sacred gold, let’s understand the benefits and use cases of the randomizer respectively.

The Randomizer gives the players a chance to break away from the not-so-difficult storyline and the challenges that seem to have already been by heart to you. It creates an environment of unpredictability, and that’s what makes the whole difference! 

Just in case you haven’t downloaded the game here yet, then click here to know how to download the ROM and get it running on your system. 

What Makes Randomization So Special? 

Pokemon Sacred Gold

The experts say that Randomization keeps the freshness intact. If you are an old player, then you are bound to know in-depth about the Pokémon game, making the game lose somewhat of its charm. However, with Randomization, there’s a certain sense of surprise element added. 

It isn’t only about the change of the Pokémon in the wild. That’s just the basics of it! If you go in a little deep, you can make the surprise element added to type, moveset, trainer battle, and what not! 

The initial Pokémon that you are given to choose from generally include Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. What would it look like if you could change the choices? Yes, you can opt for already evolved Pokémon too. If you want, you may still go for an early-stage character, though there could be another set of them instead of the regular one. In fact, you are even free to incorporate Pokémon from other generations out there. 

The random wild battles also seem to go on another level! You may run into a Pokemon, and the moment you expect them to throw a certain kind of move, that’s when they will showcase a move that normally they couldn’t even learn. Sounds interesting? Well, that’s what Randomization makes possible. 

The interesting thing to note here is that randomizing could even affect the learned moves pattern. You may expect a certain move at a certain level, however, once you reach that stage, you realize that the move has been changed into something else.

For instance, if you are planning to level up Ampharos so that it can end up learning thunder, then maybe you have to stop and think for a moment. The Thunder move is no more available, instead of it you will get to see Quick Attack. 

 At first, we were also confused to see this change. Though you tend to understand this is what randomizing is all about once you look from a big picture. 

Not to forget, the change also applies to situations that won’t be wrong, being termed as weird like in one instance we saw a fire-type Pokémon dealing in the ease with water type moves. The evolution also breaks its continuity after you apply Randomization. 

It may not only evolve weirdly, but even a downgrade could be witnessed. So, the next time you see a legendary Pokémon being turned into a starter like Charmander, don’t get surprised! 

In Pokémon Sacred Gold, mostly the battles are fixed, i.e., if you have the required knowledge and strategy, you can even beat the toughest bosses with much ease. However, this is only because the course of the events don’t change up. 

Even if you fail one time, you can reappear again by figuring out your weaknesses and working on them. However, in the case of Randomization, expect the unexpected! 

There’s no point in predefined tactics and knowledge, as your opponents won’t be limited to the same set of Pokémon that you would expect them to be. The most basic leaders could also have a legendary Pokémon in their team, making your experience tough and challenging. 

These days, a lot of gaming streamers have come up with playing Pokémon Sacred Gold 

In randomized form, as that’s not only entertaining for them but even for the audience. There’s no doubt that the element of surprises and challenges just takes the game on a whole new level! 

Process To Randomize Pokemon Sacred Gold 

Customize Pokemon Sacred Gold

  1. Ensure that you have got a fully functioning emulator and the Pokémon Sacred Gold ROM. 
  2. Download the Universal Randomizer application as per your respective computer system. 
  3. Once the ZIP file is downloaded, extract it, and follow the on-screen instructions to install your system’s application. 
  4. Open the application, and on the top right side, hit on Open ROM. 
  5. Now, you will have to locate and select the ROM file. 
  6. Go ahead and select Random/Randomize under whichever Pokemon heading you want. If you click the option under every heading, then the whole game will be randomized. However, if you only opt for certain random choices, then the game could be more familiar. 
  7. It’s now time to implement the changes! Click on the Randomize (Save) option at the top right corner. 
  8. Choose a desired location, name, and save your ROM. 
  9. That’s it! Now, go ahead and load your Pokemon Sacred Gold ROM file like you normally do. 


Is it illegal to randomize Pokémon Sacred Gold? 

Ans: Absolutely Not! Pokemon Sacred Gold is in itself already a mod, and on top of it, you are just applying a Randomizer. So, it’s clear that there’s no problem using the Randomizer with the Pokémon Sacred Gold ROM. There are dedicated Pokémon gaming communities run by experts that openly support and promote the usage of randomizers. So, go ahead and enjoy! 

2.What if Universal Randomizer doesn’t seem to work down well? 

Ans:If in case you are having issues with Universal Randomizer, then you may go ahead with any other similar Randomizer. Though, there’s no guarantee that even after this, the problem would be solved. So, if you still have doubts/queries, you may contact us by clicking here


Any Pokemon Sacred Gold fan looking forward to various twists and turns in the game can immediately go for Randomization. 

Anyways, that’s how to randomize Pokemon Sacred Gold in the easiest and fastest manner. If this article proved helpful to you, then like always, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Lastly, your suggestions, queries, etc. are always welcomed through the comments section. 

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