How To Get Unbanned From Discord?

Discord has evolved from being a simple gaming dedicated platform to a portal where anybody can form communities and simultaneously be a part of them. However, seeing the rising craze of Discord in today’s time, nothing more could be frustrating than getting banned on their platform. Keeping this in mind, we have created this article, where we will discuss in brief how to get unbanned from Discord in 2021.

How To Get Unbanned From Discord ?

Before proceeding to the steps of getting unbanned, we would like you to know what are the restrictions while getting banned, and the causes/reasons behind them.

For the convenience of our readers, we have divided the article into different sections. As per your reading requirements, feel free to head to the respective sections. Though, if you have time in hand, then why not take a whole ride down the journey! 

What’s a Discord Ban? 

What's a Discord Ban?

In simple words, Discord Ban means getting banned from accessing and using the Discord platform. There are mainly two kinds of bans across Discord: Server Ban & System-Wide Ban. 

The server ban is where a specific server’s administrator/moderator may ban you from his/her server for whatsoever reasons. In such a case, you won’t gain back access to the server with the same username and IP address. At times, just changing the username while keeping the same IP address helps you lift up the ban. Try giving this a shot! 

The other type is the system-wide ban is where the Discord officials ban users from the whole platform. In the next section, we will look at why Discord may prohibit users from accessing its platform. However, in a nutshell, it’s mainly due to the violation of the terms and conditions of the service. 

Reasons For Ban in Discord:

How To Get Unbanned From Discord ?

As already stated, the ban in Discord can be initiated by the server admins or by the Discord officials themselves. There are various reasons for which a user can be banned in Discord, and a few of them are as follows:

  • Account being used to spam or raid servers. 
  • If content promoting piracy is promoted across the chats or channels. 
  • If the user shares any content which somehow goes against the mentioned guidelines of the Discord service. For instance – illegal content, pornography, etc. 
  • Too much self-promotion or advertising. 
  • Fiddling again and again with the system settings, including frequent changing of IP address

At first, all of the above points may seem a little too much to take care of by specific users. However, it’s not something too much that you have to focus upon. These are some general rules and guidelines standard across various digital platforms, and knowingly or unknowingly, you have already been following them for other services. 

So, if you have been adhering around them and plan to do so even in the future, you can be ascertained that you will be safe in the eyes of the officials. 

The reasons for getting banned from Omegle are similar and here’s our guide on how to get unbanned from Omegle here

Ways To Get Unbanned From Discord:

Here are a limited number of ways that can help you on how to get unbanned from discord, as listed below:

Mobile Method:

Mobile Method To Get Unbanned From Discord ?

If you are using a desktop Discord client and get banned on it, your IP address and account identifier will be used to track you. Simply meaning that you won’t even be able to create a new account with the same IP address as before. However, if you have a mobile device and active Internet connection, then there’s a workaround that can get you across the board. Let’s see what it is! 

  • Disable WiFi on your device and let the Internet connection remain connected. 
  • Open the Discord mobile app. 
  • Register for a new account with a new email. 
  • Initiate the login from the new account, and try to gain access to the server from which you were initially banned from. 
  • Log off from the app, close it, and turn off your Internet connection. 
  • Head back to the Discord desktop client, and proceed ahead with the freshly created account. You should now be able to gain access to the server. 


How To Get Unbanned From Discord using VPN

VPN, known as a Virtual Private Network, is a service that masks your original IP address with a fake one from some other location across the globe. There are various VPNs out there, both paid and free. However, for such a situation, we recommend you to stick with a reliable paid VPN only. 

Just download, install,  pay the fees, and start using the VPN to change your IP address. However, before that, you first need to erase the cached data from your account. Let’s see how to do the same:

  • Switch off the desktop Discord client.
  • Head to C: drive, and in there, under your [username] folder, look for the  %appdata% folder. You may be required to keep the hidden options enabled. 
  • Once you are in the AppData folder, head to the Local section. 
  • Locate the Discord folder and delete it. 
  • Open your VPN, enable it, and create a new IP address for your system. 
  • Open the desktop Discord client and register for a new account with a new email address. 
  • Initiate the login into the desktop app, and get back on the server you were initially banned from. 
  • That’s it! If you want, you may disconnect the VPN service now as it was just needed for creating a new account. 

Appeal Your Ban 

Appeal Your Ban 

If you feel that your ban wasn’t justified, or even if it was, but you realize the mistake on your part, then you may appeal for the ban. For server-specific bans, you can directly reach out to the respective server admin/s. On the other hand, Discord wide bans can be catered by the Discord Trust and Safety team. 

Briefly explain your side story to the other party humbly and politely. Remember, you are on the submissive side, so you will have to be gentle and civilized in your approach. If your concerns or reasons are genuine, and the other side feels that you are sorry for your actions, they may lift the ban. 


Will How To Get Unbanned From Discord Tips Even Work For The Coming Years? 

Ans: We have created this article keeping in mind the scenario about Discord in 2021. However, if most of the elements remain the same even in the coming time, it won’t be wrong to say that the above methods will qualify to work even after specific years. 

Will I Get Banned From Discord For Using A Vpn? 

Ans: We don’t think that using a VPN can get you banned from Discord. Though, if you pose serious and concerning harm or dangers to the platform or its associated elements, then you may be banned permanently. Also, when such a situation appears, you may even be bound to face legal trouble. So, ascertain that you are not indulging in something too extreme from the legal point of view. 


Discord Bans are definitely not the end of the world! Just fiddling around a little here and there with your IP address could grant you access back to your favourite server or the whole Discord platform itself. 

If also the trick part doesn’t seem to work for you, no worries, as you are even open to appeal your ban. If you haven’t crossed the limits, then no admin or moderator should have any issues in letting you in again. 

Trust us, there’s a reason that the appeal method has been listed in this how to get unbanned from Discord article. It works, give it a shot for yourself! If, for some reason, it doesn’t, then contact us directly, and we will assist you in the best manner possible. 

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