How To Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer In 2021?

Paper jam, or in simple words, the paper getting stuck inside the printer, is something that you should not panic about much. With the problem occurring too often and available answers are not clear enough, we have decided to teach our readers how to fix paper jam in HP printers. 

The below-mentioned steps are general, and along with HP printers, they can be applied to other brands of printers. The exact model and specifications should be checked once, as the steps may vary a little here and there for everyone. That being said, let’s dive straight into the article! 

How to Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer In 2021?

Paper Jams are not the ultimate source of problems, but rather they are caused due to various other issues out there. Let’s take a look at the few reasons that may cause paper jams in HP printers. 

Reasons For Paper Jam in HP Printer:

  • Wrong Insertion of Papers 

How To Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer In 2021?

The users have reported that wrong insertion of the papers is one of the most common causes for various problems, including jamming. When the papers get loaded in the input tray, the sheets have the chance of getting folded, stuck together, etc. At times, even using the wrong kind of paper can lead to paper jams. 

  • Low-Quality Cartridges 

How To Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer?Not so great cartridges have been found to drop toner and stray ink. This may not only cause paper jams but, parallelly, even take a dig at the output quality. 

  • Damaged Rollers

 fix jam paper in hp printer

Rollers are one of the most integral parts of printers. With the passing of time, they can become old and may not function as smoothly as before. During their operations, they may cause an uneven pull, resulting in paper jams. 

  • Low-Quality Paper 

Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer In 2021

Low-quality papers are not a great idea as they leave behind flakes. The paper bits are not a major issue initially as they are very small, but when they accumulate, the issue starts to arise. In the language of the experts, the low-quality papers also are the reasons for the paper dust. 

Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer:

Paper Jam is actually inevitable! It’s bound to happen with every individual out there, no matter whether he/she is an occasional printer user or somebody who uses it daily for office work. Without wasting any further time, let’s see how to fix paper jam in HP printers or any printer. 

  1. The very first step is to switch off the supply. You don’t want to take any risks with electricity. Also, if the supply is on, the components have chances of moving up here and there. 
  2. Open the printer, and if you find the paper causing the trouble, then take it slowly. Don’t just start to pull off the paper instantly, as that may make it more difficult for you. 
  3. Go on with the natural path of the paper. For example, if the rollers were pulling out the sheet, then continue to do that in the same direction. 
  4. Once the paper is successfully out, it’s time to reverse your actions, i.e., close the access doors, replace what you just took out, and finally, switch on the printer again. 

Now that you’ve learnt how to fix a paper jam issue, read about the cartridge problem in HP printers here!

Learn To Prevent Paper Jams:

There’s no way that you can put a permanent end to the paper jams. However, if you have been facing the issue time and again, it’s time to take some actions, which may prevent jams from frequently happening in the future. 

  • The first thing you can do is ascertain that the paper is correctly inserted into the tray or slot. 
  • If your printer has a paper tray, then don’t ever overload it. The users have reported that overfilling has led to paper jams numerous times. 
  • Make sure that no debris is left behind. At times, previous tasks may cause debris which may become a hurdle. 
  • At the time of reloading the input tray, keep the attention towards the requirements of the tray. Anything from the loading of the paper to the adjustments of the dimensions. 
  • Examine the supported paper types for your device, and try to stick among them only. Also, if you want to take risks, then start small. 
  • Frequent device cleaning cycles are recommended. The paper pathway remains clean and in good condition. Also, when not using the HP printer for a long while, switch it off. This activates the mini cleaning cycles and keeps your printer in good condition. 


  • Should I Take Any Precautions While Fixing The Paper Jam Errors?

Ans: Absolutely! There’s no double thought about it. While solving the paper jam error, you must keep certain points in mind, which we have discussed all across the article. Otherwise, your printer may get damaged. If you would have read the how-to fix paper jam in the HP printer guide completely, and followed it as it’s, then your printer should be pretty fine.

  • Will The Paper Jam Error Message Go Away If I End Up Fixing The Issue? 

If you are reading a paper jam error message on your screen, then fixing the issue will make the message go away. Every article of ours is created so that the user doesn’t have to look for the solution anywhere else. If you would like to know how we manage to pull off such one-stop satisfactory guides, then you may read more about us here

  • Is There A Need To Hire A Technical Expert For The Paper Jam Error? 

Ans: Paper jam is not a complex issue, for which you will require a technical expert. Just following what we have stated above would be good to go. Though you aren’t still able to resolve the problem, you may try reaching out to a local technical expert or rather the direct printer support team itself. 


Like already discussed, there’s no permanent end to the problem of paper jams. At the most, you can stop the frequent happening of them, and for that, understanding the common issues of paper jams is a must. 

The overall experience of printing should be as smooth and elegant as possible. It doesn’t matter how frequently you use the printer, you should have a basic idea of the issues that can cause and how you can fix them. That being said, if you found the article helpful on how to fix paper jam in HP printers, then don’t forget to share it and also check out our other amazing guides

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