how to fix HP printer cartridge problem

How To Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problem In 2021

The HP printer ink cartridge issues are widespread almost across all the HP models. When we saw how people kept looking for appropriate solutions, but still their efforts went in vain, we decided to bring up an article on how to fix HP printer Cartridge problem in the easiest and fastest manner. 

How To Fix HP Printer Cartridge In 2021?

Before we go on to list the possible fixes to the problem, we would go on to list the possible reasons for the HP printer cartridge problem’s arousal. After that, we go on to the multiple solutions. So, ascertain to follow the guide carefully. 

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What Does Hp Printer Cartridge Problem Signify? 

The HP Printer Cartridge problem message would most probably pop up when you try to print sheets. Whenever the ink goes empty in the cartridge, you will come across the following cartridge failure message. The printer needs to recognize the cartridge. If it doesn’t, then you may not be able to print anything. 

Reasons Behind HP Printer Cartridge Problem:

  • Dirty Metal Contacts 

How To Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problem In 2021

The reports say that damaged metal contacts have higher chances of catching up with the HP printer cartridge issue. You have to ascertain that no damage or dirt is present while joking the HP printer and ink cartridge’s metal section. In case dirt or damage is there, then the printer won’t be able to read off the data present on the chip. 

  • Remove Protective Strips 

How To Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problem

When you install a new cartridge, it’s essential that you remove the protective strips from the printer. If you don’t end up doing that, then the printer may not be able to read the new ink cartridge. 

  • Loading Of Incompatible Ink Cartridge 

 Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problem In 2021

It’s crucial that you carefully read your manual guide to find the ink cartridges that go down well with your HP printer’s specific model. Wrong installation/placing of the ink cartridge or installation of incompatible ink cartridge can lead to Incompatible ink cartridge error. 

  • Printer Drivers Update 

Cartridge Problem In HP Printer

The HP printer driver update can solve our issues, no doubt. Though, it has even been found that updating the printer software may also lead to errors in the ink cartridge. Also, it doesn’t matter whether the update is manual or auto. 

Fixing The HP Printer Cartridge:

  • Reset Your Printer 

Fix Cartridge Problem In HP Printer In 2021

Believe it or not, but the power of a simple reset is so high that it can instantly solve many issues, even your incompatible ink cartridge problem. So, let’s see step by step on how to reset an HP printer:

  • The very first thing is to switch on your HP printer. Followed by case opening and removal of the ink cartridge. 
  • Place the ink cartridge outside for some amount of time. 
  • After that, elegantly clean its case to exclude any dust. 
  • Again, place the ink cartridges back in their original place. 
  • Close the lid, and switch off your printer. 
  • Lastly, wait for some five to ten minutes before again turning on the HP printer. Typically, print a paper to see if the issue is resolved or not. 

Clean Metal Contacts 

How To Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problem

  • Switch off the printer and plug out the supply. 
  • Open the access door and safely eject the ink cartridge in a safe and right manner. 
  • Look for metal contacts across the ink cartridge. 
  • To properly wipe the metal contacts of your ink cartridge, you will need a dry cloth. 
  • Once cleaning is done, place back the cartridge properly in its correct place. 
  • Switch on the HP printer, and print a paper to know the status of the error. 

Fix Not Recognizing Ink Cartridge Error

Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problem

  • Close the HP printer, and open the cartridge door. 
  • The ink cartridge which is not being recognized, remove it and place it somewhere else. 
  • Take the earlier ink cartridge, which was compatible with the HP printer, and place that in it. 
  • Keep the printer in an idle state for some time. 
  • Now, before you install the fresh cartridge, make sure to remove the old one. 
  • Restart the HP printer, and hopefully, the problem should have now been fixed. 

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Steps To Fix HP OfficeJet & OfficeJet Pro Printer Cartridge Issue:

  • Head to the access door, open it, and remove all the cartridges present inside it. 
  • Just lift up the printhead latch, followed by the printhead from the slot side. If you come across any excess ink, simply wipe it off with a clean cloth. 
  • Access the down portion of the printhead to clean it. Make sure to not get the water into the printhead as this may lead to damage. 
  • Just go on with the wiping of the nozzle section, and once no ink transfers can be witnessed on the cloth, it’s time to soak it. 
  • Move on towards soaking the printhead into the disposable container for a matter of ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure that the down area is on the paper towel (nozzles being upwards). Also, ascertain to not use hair dryer or compressed air for drying as that may lead to some sort of damage. 
  • Once the drying and all is done, it’s time to place back the things in their respective places. 
  • Once that’s done, head to the control panel of the printer, and click Clean Printhead. A test page would now get out to see if the HP printer cartridge issue is resolved or not. 

Steps To Fix HP LaserJet & LaserJet Pro Printer Cartridge Issue:

Cartridge Problem In HP Printer In 2021

  • The very first thing is to ensure that no incompatible cartridge is installed. Non-genuine cartridges won’t be identified by the gadget. 
  • Switch on the printer, head towards the cartridge access door. Let the carriage turn idle and then remove the cartridges from their slots. 
  • If you find any ink smears across the cartridge or the slot area, then using a damp and lint free cloth, clean the contacts. 
  • Once the contacts are done, put back the cartridges into their respective positions.
  • Switch off the printer and remove the power cord from the main socket. Keep it in the idle state for 20-25 seconds and again join the printer. Restart the router and the computer. 
  • If the cartridge is still causing the problem, then just change the cartridge. 
  • Inspect the warranty status of printhead. If it’s still under warranty, then replace the printhead assembly. If it isn’t, then you have to take down the manual approach of cleaning. 
  • Open the HP Solution Center program and select the Estimated Ink Level. You will reset the ink level through an option that you will come across. 
  • Hit on the Reset option, and boom! Ink level would have been resetted. If the issue still isn’t resolved, then it’s time to head to the service center. 

Steps To Fix HP DeskJet Printer Cartridge Issue:

HP Printer Cartridge Problem In 2021

  • If on the control panel you come across any sort of blinking ink alert lights then it’s time to switch the ink cartridge which is empty or low. 
  • Switch on the printer, and head to the access door. The cartridge will shift to the middle area. Let the noise come to a halt before it’s time to proceed ahead. 
  • Hit on the cartridge that you have to switch so that it gets released. Perform the uninstallation process of the cartridge. 
  • Take out the fresh cartridge, and get it ready for installment. Ascertain that the copper colored contacts and ink nozzles should not be avoided from being touched. 
  • Make sure that the cartridge is put up in the right slot. The black should go into the right slot, and the tri-color should go into the left slot. 
  • Once the installation is successfully done, just close the access door. Input the white paper into the input tray. Head to the control panel of the printer and click on the Setup option. 
  • Click on Clean Printhead and at last hit on OK. That’s it! You are good to go now! 


  • Will The Above Solutions Permanently Fix The Hp Printer Cartridge Problem? 

Ans: Whenever you use a tech gadget, you are bound to face errors and issues. No matter how hard you try to overcome them, you would come across an issue at some point or the other. The above solutions that we have listed can solve your cartridge error, no doubt about that. However, there’s no permanent solution or an end to these issues. You may face some problems once in a while, so nothing much to worry about. 

  • Will These Methods Work For Printers Of Other Brands?

Ans: According to us, there can be a slight variation here and there in the steps sequence. Otherwise, all are standard methods for different brands of printers. 


We hope that the above guide will have taught you how to fix HP printer cartridge problem in 2021. If trying all the above methods doesn’t seem to still resolve out the problem, then it’s time to consult an expert. We recommend you directly reaching out to the official customer service team of HP. If you wish, you may even comment below or contact us, as we may also be able to solve your issue. Who knows? Give it a shot! 

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