How To Fix Hard Downshifting Automatic Transmission In 2021

Automatic transmission makes driving a lot smoother and more comfortable. Though, when it starts to malfunction, trust us, automatic transmissions can get on your nerves. 

It’s important to understand that if a slipping transmission is untreated, it may lead to further issues. Thankfully, one can treat the problems pretty quickly. Let’s learn how to fix hard shifting automatic transmission. 

Symptoms Of Hard Downshifting Automatic Transmission: 

If you come across any of the following symptoms, then it’s time that you see up your transmission:

  • Transmission Jerks (Shifting):

How To Fix Hard Downshifting Automatic Transmission In 2021

When shifting gears, if you experience sudden jerks, or the shifting weirdly takes place, it could mean that something may be failing or wearing out. 

The advancement has gone to such a level in today’s time that the erratic shift may even get caused due to a bad sensor. Such issues can easily be examined or analyzed through a factory scan tool or transmission.

  • Dark Fluid:

How To Fix Hard Downshifting Automatic Transmission In 2021

The tear and wear can cause the transmission fluid to get dirty with passing the time. Take a look at the transmission fluid’s speed of getting dark. If it’s faster than the usual time, then it’s an indication that the transmission has an unequal amount of wear taking place. 

A bad bearing could be the potential reason for the fast rate of erosion. If you face this symptom, it’s recommended that you replace the transmission fluid frequently, even more than the general recommendation.

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How To Fix Hard Shifting Automatic Transmission?

When it comes to automatic transmissions, hard shifting becomes a prevalent issue. When we go deep down the problem, we understand that there is more than one cause, and based on the reason, one can apply respective solutions to fix hard downshifting automatic transmission. 

  • Old Transmission Fluid

How To Fix Hard Downshifting Automatic Transmission In 2021

Worn out or old transmission fluid can lead to a hard shifting automatic transmission. The materials that make up the transmission are selected differently as they communicate with the transmission fluid, and if inappropriate materials and liquids mix up together, it can cause too much friction, leading to hard shifts.

It may also result in sloppy shifts and low friction. As time passes, more and more lubrication will start to get lost, and there may even be a reduction in friction modifying properties. The change in the previous scenarios will lead to a change in the transmission shifting, ultimately giving rise to the issues.

  • Low Fluid Levels

How To Fix Hard Downshifting Automatic Transmission In 2021

The fluid in the transmission gives hydraulic pressure to shift the bands and clutches that facilitate shifts. To avoid shifting problems, you have to prevent a low-pressure situation, and for that, you have to ascertain that there’s no low fluid level due to leakage or anything similar. 

If you have found low fluid levels, make sure you get excellent and industry-recognized transmission fluid. On top of it, you can even go for a transmission sealer.

  • Transmission is Worn-Out

How To Fix Hard Downshifting Automatic Transmission In 2021

In some instances, the transmission may be just worn out. Clutches and bands cause the gear changes, and as time passes by, they tend to wear down. All of this leads to smooth surfaces, losing the capacity of holding things at once. 

Though, for its testing, you will have to remove the transmission. During this period, you may even go ahead and change the information. It has been noticed that transmission repairs can get a lot costly, and therefore, ascertain the symptoms clearly before taking in your vehicle at the repair shop. 

  • Faulty Torque Converter

How To Fix Hard Downshifting Automatic Transmission In 2021

Do you know what a clutch does in a manual transmission car? Yes, that’s the same purpose of a torque converter. It links up the transmission to the car’s engine. 

If, by chance, your torque converter has gone wrong, then you may get the feel of slipping gears. The faulty torque converter is an indication of the fluid not being utilized correctly.

How To Fix Hard Shifting Automatic Went Overdrive:

The transmission shifting into overdrive may be causing the torque converter to stay on. It will just lead to a sudden jerk, as the gear grabs hard. 

So, how do you go on dealing with this? Well, it’s simple, just take the transmission the manual way and once you let it go into overdrive, leave the throttle and see if the issue still continues.

If the sudden jerks are no more, then it’s an indication of the converter clutch solenoid not functioning up properly, and sadly, would have to be replaced. If you wish to further enquire about the transmission shifting, then you need to get in touch with an expert. 


  • Is it possible to fix the hard shifting automatic transmission on my own? 

Ans: Like, we have discussed above, it’s entirely possible. You just need to follow the steps or guidelines carefully, and then nobody can stop you from fixing the issue. 

  • When should I consult with a mechanic? 

Ans: See, it depends from individual to individual, and also from situation to situation. If you are able to get done with the issue on your own only, then why to go for a mechanic? However, if the situation is getting too technical or complicated for you, then it’s better to leave things at the hands of the professional/s only. 

  • Do all symptoms occur at once? 

Ans: Not exactly, but if you tend to notice more than one sign, then it’s a bit of assurance signal that yes, there’s the hard shifting automatic transmission issue. Read up on our above sections carefully, and you will have your doubts cleared. If not, then you can even comment below or reach out to a local mechanic. 


At the time of changing gears, if you witness slipping, then it doesn’t always mean that you have to opt for costly repairs. The minor leaks and cracks in the transmission can be handled independently with a sealer’s help. Just add up the sealer to your transmission fluid, and you would end saving the cost of expensive repairs. 

Anyways, we hope that we would have been able to teach you how to fix the hard shifting automatic transmission issue. Lastly, comment on your queries and share the article with your friends as they should also know to fix hard shifting automatic went overdrive. 


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