How To Fix Corrupted SD cards In 2020 ⚙️⚙️

In today’s time, Smartphones have become smart, efficient and advanced. They can give tough competition to PCs, though, when it comes to areas like data recovery, fixing up of storage devices, etc., the Android devices have a long way to go. 

Despite knowing this fact, we are still here trying to explain to you how to fix corrupted SD cards on Android without a computer. Let’s see what we have got in stock for you! 

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Signs That Your SD Card is Corrupted:

Before you head to the “how to fix corrupted SD card on Android without computer Mac Reddit” section, it’s important to ascertain that your SD card is corrupted or not. 

If there are a combination of signs you get to see, then understand that indeed your SD card has got corrupted. 

  • It has got unexpected slow all of a sudden 
  • Some of the files, especially the photos, are not to be found. 
  • You come across the statement, ‘SD card unexpectedly removed.’
  • SD card is not being recognized.
  • You come across the statement, ‘‘Read / Write error on SD card.’
  • The SD card is not recognized at all by the system. 

How To Fix SD Corrupted SD Card on Android without Computer:

  • Try SD Card on Other Devices

How To Fix Corrupted SD cards In 2020

Remove your SD card from your phone and insert it in some other device that supports an external SD card. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mobile, camera, PC, etc., you can insert them to see the status of the card. 

If, by chance, the SD card works on the other device/s, then probably there are some compatibility issues with your primary device. Before proceeding ahead, just backup the files of your SD card, and then remove it from the alternative device.

 Now, restart your main device and insert the SD card again to see if the problem has been resolved. If not, then check out the below methods.

  • Format the SD Card

How To Fix Corrupted SD cards In 2020

If the above method didn’t work out for you, then formatting the SD card should hopefully solve up your issue. Formatting will erase all of the data present on your SD card, so make sure that all the important files have already been backed up. Later on, we won’t be responsible for the loss of any kind of data.

To format SD card on Android, just follow 

Settings >> Memory/Storage Tab >> Locate your SD card >> Format SD card >> Okay/Erase and Format

That’s it! Now, just head back to your File Folder and check if the SD card has started to work back correctly.

  • Use an SD Card Repair Solution

How To Fix Corrupted SD cards In 2020

If nothing from the above seems to work out for you, then it’s best to go for one of the third party SD card repair solutions. There are many that you can find over the Play Store, and similarly, across the Internet for your PC. 

We can’t guarantee if the ones listed on the Play Store would solve the corrupted media issue. Though, the PC solutions tend to have shown a better success rate when it came to fixing corrupted SD cards.

Download SD Card Repair Solution Here!

 It’s recommended that, if possible, try to get on a Windows computer for some time, and fix the SD card using the Command line, as that’s a prevalent method. 


  • Is it safe to use a third party SD card repair solution? 

Ans: If you are going with one of the leading and well-known repair solutions to fix up your SD card, then probably you should be good to go. These days, the market has been filled up with lots of crap too. So, it’s advised that you do your homework properly before finalizing on a repair solution.

  • Should I directly remove the SD card from my Android phone? 

Ans: The experts advise always to unmount the SD card, rather than directly removing it. This practice of yours ensures that your data is safe on the SD card and you won’t have to again head to Google to search for how to fix corrupted SD card on Android without a Mac in 2020. 

  • Is it possible to revert the action and get back the apps again to internal storage from the SD card? 

Ans: Yes, it’s possible. Though, you will have to do this for each app that you wish to transfer back to the internal storage. That being said, just follow the pattern:

Settings >> Apps >> App >> Storage >> Change >> Revert the change. 


We hope that you would have learnt how to fix corrupted SD cards on Android without a computer. Without a PC, it’s a little hard to fix up your SD card, but given the right methods, you can even achieve that. That being said, if you found the article helpful, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, comment down any queries, if you have related to the article. 


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