How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds That Work On One Side

With the market moving towards wireless earbuds instead of the wireless ones, the guide will focus on how to fix wireless earbuds that work on one side.

We all have once in our life bought low cost earphones from a brand unheard and encountered a problem of them not working after the warranty period is over!

And the most recent experience of one of our employees buying a low quality earphone and encountering a problem of non-working of an earbud has led us to do a guide on how to fix earbuds that work on one side.

Before getting deep into the guide, let’s understand the causes of the problem!

How to fix Bluetooth earbuds that work on one side ( Common Causes):

Multiple reasons can lead your Bluetooth earbuds to malfunction. Most of the wireless earbuds come with a case, and that’s for a reason! If you just go on and throw your Bluetooth earbuds in your pockets or bag, then the chances of them getting bent, crushed, etc. are relatively high. It will further lead to only one side being played, and in worst cases, both sides can also end up malfunctioning. 

It’s recommended that you should never sleep with your earbuds on as sleeping over your earbuds can get one side of the bud crushed/bent!  If you’re the one who likes to listen to music and pass out/sleep off then sleeping earbuds are there to rescue!

Also, make sure that you always carry your Bluetooth earbuds in the case. If, by chance, you have misplaced the original case that the buds came in, then you can go for any other case too, but ensure that it’s robust, sturdy, and protective. 

It can be a bit difficult to crack down the exact reason why one side of your wireless earbuds has suddenly stopped working, but we can try analyzing the situation and then,come to a conclusion. 

How to fix wireless earbuds that work on one side 

  1. Go For An Alternative Pair of Wireless Earbuds 

How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds That Work On One Side


Let’s get it straight! Often, the issue is not in the headphones but rather in the settings of the device. It might seem illogical but in urgent situations or while traveling, it might not be possible to fix your earbuds, so get an extra pair and see if its working fine, if not it’s something in the settings and here’s the guide on settings of earbuds on your phone: 

  • A Simple Reset! 

How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds That Work On One Side


Believe it or not, but a simple reset has been found to solve a variety of issues! Just press on the power button for a few seconds until your earbuds don’t switch off. Once they are completely turned off, again get them on, and pair with your device. At times, you may find that the problem would have been resolved. If not, then just keep reading. 

  • Ensure it’s on Mono! 

How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds That Work On One Side


If the earbuds have been set on the stereo setting by any chance or mistake, only one side will play, making you frustrated. So, ascertain that the audio settings have been set on Mono.

  1. Look For Broken Wires! 

How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds That Work On One Side


(Try this step at your own risk) 

If you have tried the steps as mentioned above and the problem continues to remain, then look for broken internal wires. 

Get the case out, and with the help of a soldering iron, search for any sign of broken wires. If you come across any, then join them and put everything back on. After that, turn on the wireless earbuds to perform up your testing. 

  1. Don’t Forget About the Warranty! 

How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds That Work On One Side


In all of this, don’t forget to check on the available warranty period of your gadget. If you have bought those pricey earbuds recently, then there are quite chances that you would still have the warranty period running on. 

Make sure you make the most out of this feature as it’s better to get your wireless fixed professionally, rather than relying on some local store or doing it yourself. Taking things in your hand is not an issue if you are technical, but if you are not, then that’s when the problem could arise. You may end up damaging more of the internal aspects, completely voiding your warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Will pairing up the same or similar models of different sides work? 

Ans: If you have the same or similar wireless earbuds models where one side works, respectively, you can try pairing them. There’s no guarantee that they would work, but if they end up working, then voila! 

Though it’s to be noted that the experience won’t be like that of a proper and reliable matching pair, it should get you going for some temporary period. 

  • Can I fix the wireless earbuds on my own? 

If you are a techie who knows what he/she is doing, you could freely open up the case and fix the wireless earbuds. If you are an average next-door guy like me, then just adopting some general measures like restarting, turning on and off, etc. or going to the service center  is the most recommended answer of how to fix earbuds that work on one side.


That wraps up the article where we discussed how to fix earbuds that work on one side, but for the wireless guys! The one side working issue’s causes remain pretty much the same for both wired and wireless gadgets. But, when it comes to the solution, the measures are a bit different. Anyways, we hope that you would have understood how you could go on fixing the one side working issue and get your wireless Bluetooth earbuds. 

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