how to fix audio on bluetooth earbuds

How to Fix Audio on Bluetooth Earbuds In 2021 [Detailed]

The demand for Bluetooth earbuds seems to be on the rise, and mainly due to two apparent reasons: Companies laying off headphone jack and convenience. However, no matter how great the earbuds seem to be, they are yet another technological gadget prone to technical errors and glitches. Keeping this in mind, in today’s article, we will learn how to fix audio on Bluetooth earbuds. 

Before we head out to learn to fix the audio Bluetooth earbuds, it’s essential to narrow down the issue. Don’t just go out and start fiddling around with the settings here and there. Try to look for the main culprit behind the problem. Anything from your music app to your phone could be the main reason for your Bluetooth earbuds’ audio concern. If you can apply your mind and figure out the potential source, that would save up a lot of your time. 

How to Fix Audio On Bluetooth Earbuds:

  • Check The Source 

Fix Audio on Bluetooth Earbuds

Try to look for sources that could be the potential reason for audio issues on Bluetooth earbuds. Ensure that the music file that you are listening to isn’t at a low bitrate. Or, in simple words, it should not be of low quality. Grab another pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and see if the problem still persists or not. Ascertain that your Internet connectivity is solid and stable. The irregular network connection could lead to interruptions in the audio of the earbuds. 

  • Restart The Connection 

How to Fix Audio on Bluetooth Earbuds

Like for every other issue out there, restarting your Bluetooth earbuds and phone should be your first tactic for approaching this audio issue too. Of course, this method’s chances of solving the problem are significantly less. However, if your issue is something tiny or not so technical, then a quick repair would solve the earbuds’ audio problem. 

  • Remove Other Devices

audio error on earbuds If your phone can connect up to several devices, then those devices could act as a hindrance to the audio that’s coming out of your wireless earbuds. You have to ascertain that the devices that are not being used should be completely turned off. Many times, gadgets like smartwatches tend to be found causing the issue. So, either unpair them or, at best, disconnect them. 

  • Decrease The Gap 

Fix Audio on Bluetooth Earbuds

These days the high-quality wireless earbuds indeed come with a connectivity range of many feet. However, those claims are made by the manufacturer in terms of plain area. Here, your gadget could be in the other room, and on top of that, signal hindrance affects the quality of the audio. So, try to keep the device as close to your earbuds as possible and get rid of any nearby signal-emitting devices. 

  • Learn The Art Of Pairing Buds 

 Fix Audio on Bluetooth Earbuds in 2021

These days, Bluetooth earbuds have become so advanced and wireless that you can even stream audio on a single earbud at a time. However, there’s always a particular way of doing it. If you don’t follow pairing buds’ proper steps, it may not provide an accurate and quality-filled single bud listening experience. We have personally seen individuals pairing up the earbuds and putting one on the ear and another in the pocket. This is a complete NO! Read your manual guide carefully. 

In case, you are still having pairing issues, then you may click here to read our guide on how to fix Bluetooth phone media not connecting to earbuds. 

  • Firmware Update At The Earliest 

 Fix Audio on Bluetooth Earbuds

Software updates may sound like the “restart and see if the problem is solved or not ” technique. However, you need to understand that upgrading your firmware to the latest changes can solve many audio issues on your Bluetooth earbuds. If your truly wireless earbuds have any companion app, make sure that you check for firmware updates through it. If there’s one, then initiate the same. 

  • Look For Bluetooth Audio Codec

Fix Audio on Bluetooth Earbuds In 2021

Head to the Bluetooth settings of your phone or that of earbuds. See if you have some options of audio codec to choose from. We have grown so much in the field of audio technology that there are various audio codes out there that can literally take your listening experience to a whole new level. If you find HD Audio or other kinds of audio codecs, try to change up and down between them to see if there’s a change in the earbuds’ audio quality. 

  • Disable Audio Processing 

Fix Audio on Bluetooth Earbuds

Audio Processing is something that has gained the mainstream seat in the past few years. If your device comes with any inbuilt Audio Processing, disable it. Also, if you use any audio software for playing music, make sure its other features, like Equaliser, Boosters, etc., are too turned off. 


What are some of the ordinary Bluetooth earbuds audio issues? 

Ans: There are various kinds of audio issues that the Bluetooth earbuds can face. In today’s article, we talked about the general audio issue you can experience while playing music. 

Just similar to the audio streaming problem, there’s also the issue of music playing in only one earbud, about which we have talked in this article

Are Bluetooth earbuds prone to viruses? 

Ans: It’s highly unlikely that any kind of virus or malware can be affected by the wireless earbuds. Mainly, whatever issue you face is either a technical glitch or error which can be troubleshot easily. 


At first, it may seem not very easy to figure out how to fix audio on Bluetooth earbuds. However, once you troubleshoot the issue, you tend to understand that it’s not much of a big a deal as it seems to be. That being said, we hope you would have learned how to solve your audio issue correctly. If you still have any doubts, you may feel free to contact us

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