How To Fix Generic Playback Errors On Vudu?

When it comes to OTT or video streaming services, Vudu is a brand that has been serving the users with quality content for a pretty good time. Though, no matter how good or bad service is, it’s bound to face errors once in a while. 

For today on Howtotalky, we will be discussing the Vudu playback error. Mostly, the playback errors occur when the video files are corrupted in some or another way.

How to fix generic playback errors on Vudu? 

In Vudu, you may come across a variety of playback errors, but the nature of most of them are the same only. What does this imply? Well, this simply means that you won’t have to worry about knowing and trying out different solutions for different kinds of Vudu playback error. Anyways, let’s take a look at the generic solutions for generic playback errors on Vudu. 

1) Restart 

fix generic playback errors on Vudu

The first and most straightforward technique to deal with fixing Vudu playback error is through your device’s simple reboot. After your system has been rebooted, check if the Vudu playback error persists or not. If it does, then don’t stop reading.

2) Unplug Device & Modem

 playback errors on Vudu

If a simple reboot didn’t end up fixing the playback error, then unplug your device and modem for 30-60 seconds. After that, plug them back in to check if the issue has been resolved or not. The power cycling of your device may help solve the problem that may you never know about!

3) Delete Channel

errors on Vudu

If you have issues with a specific channel or a group of channels, try deleting and adding the channel’s back and forth. Some of the users reported that this method worked out to solve Vudu playback error.

4) Change DNS Address

change dns address on pc

Alright, if nothing from the above seems to do justice to your problem, then there are relatively high chances that this method will end up solving your error. 

That being said, at times, the issue can be of the DNS of your ISP. The DNS may not work correctly with specific services. To fix up the DNS problem, we have to just head to the network settings and input (Google DNS server). 

Let’s see how we can go on doing the same in different OS & devices:

How to fix Vudu playback error Android TV box:

how to fix generic playback errors on Vudu

Android TV seems to be the new trend of consuming entertainment. There are various kinds of Android TV boxes out there, but the main steps of changing up the DNS address remain pretty much the same. If you ask us, then we also believe that Android TV is something that is going to rule the market in the coming few years. It’s definitely going to replace the traditional television sets. 

  • Power on your Android TV box and head to Settings 
  • Choose Network, and then scroll down to IP settings.
  • Out of DHCP and Static, go for the Static option.
  • Keep clicking on the next option on your keyboard until you land on DNS 1. Change the default value to
  • Save up the changes and reboot the device!

How to fix Vudu playback error on Mac OS X:

fix vudu playback error on Mac

If you own a Mac device, then worry not as we will teach you step by step even for Mac, on how you can go on changing the DNS address. No matter how old, experienced or new a user is, it’s recommended that you carefully read up the below listed steps. The steps are simple and straightforward, but Mac being Mac, you have to always be a little attentive. 

  • Follow System Preferences >> Network 
  • On the left top side, in most cases, you will find your network card, just select that. 
  • After that, proceed by choosing the Advanced option, located around the bottom right corner. 
  • Switch over to the DNS tab and click on the + symbol at the bottom to enter the entry (
  • That’s it! Just click on OK to confirm the changes.

How to fix Vudu playback error Windows 10:

fix vudu playback error on Windows

As of writing this article, it seems that Microsoft is not going to launch any further Windows OS versions, and infact, it has even made Windows 10 officially free to its users to some extent. These moves adopted by Microsoft has seriously made Windows 10 a lot popular and is still being made. That’s why, we decided that it’s important to list the steps for DNS change in Windows 10.

  • Open the start menu and choose the control panel. 
  • Select Network and Sharing Center >> Change adapter settings. 
  • Look for your active network adapter. Right-click on it and choose properties. 
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) >> Properties 
  • Input in the DNS box below the “Use the following DNS server addresses” title. 


1.Is it safe to interfere with the network settings for the change of DNS? I mean, I don’t want to end up ruining my Internet. 

Ans: We understand the emotions that you are going through as of now, and we can ascertain you that there’s nothing to worry about. In the DNS address change method, we are just replacing the default DNS IP with the Google IP, so that our Vudu media player can again start running. 

2.Should I try all the above-listed methods? 

Ans: See, when it comes to generic playback errors, there’s no guaranteed solution. These are more like tricks that have seemed to work for most of the users out there, who were facing the same playback errors. Try the solution in the order that we have mentioned, and if the problem still persists, then you have no other choice left, other than reaching out to the customer service team.


That’s pretty much the guide on how to fix Vudu playback error in 2020! The above methods have been tried and verified before being listed up here. Hopefully, they should work for most of your Vudu playback errors, as most of the ways remain the same. 

If you are still facing issues and are even now confused on how to fix Vudu playback error, we recommend you reach out to Vudu customer care service. 


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