How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021ūüďļūüĎć[Latest]

Dimming and flickering problems are a bit common on modern TV screens, and  there are a lot of techniques that you can adopt to fix up these common problems. 

Right from simple reset to inspecting the internal components, we have got you covered with all the possible techniques on how to fix a flickering TV screen. 

How To Fix a Flickering Flat Screen TV:

Flat Screen TV may face the flickering issues, and it could be in any pattern, like in every few hours, or even right from the moment you turn on your TV screen. We have listed up a few basic and common fixes that you should go through to learn how to fix a flickering flat screen TV. 

Power ON & Power OFF

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

Does this sound too easy? Don’t you believe resetting your TV can fix up the issue? Well, if you don’t, then you should! Switching off and switching on your TV can reset some of its settings, and if you are lucky, then it may end up solving up the issue.

Unplug the Main Power Outlet

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

Take the main power outlet and unplug it from the TV for 5-10 mins before replugging it. This is similar to reset but a little more advanced  in comparison to standard switch on and off. 

Inspect the Connection of Cables 

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

Depending upon what all components you have connected to your TV, you would find the various cables coming to and going from the TV. Carefully inspect up the cables, not only from the joint area, but even from the other portions. 

If you find any cable damaged, then make sure you replace it. In some cases, removing the cable, straightening out with your hand and again inserting it may also fix up the issue.

If there’s an issue with the connection port, then replace up the port on your TV.¬†

Going forward, we will be talking about fixing the flickering problem in new gen TV’s!

How To Fix a Flickering LCD TV Screen:

LCDs are less prone to flickering issues as the technology that they function on is a bit advanced. However, even if a LCD TV screen ends up having the flickering problem, there’s nothing to worry about, as the solutions are quite easy to pull off.¬†

We would recommend you to first try the above listed techniques, as those are some ways that are common even for LCD TVs. If they don’t work out for you, then try the following.¬†

Disable Energy Efficiency 

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021


If you have enabled energy efficient settings on your TV, then that may lead to flickering on your TV. Why is that so? Well, Energy Efficiency reduces or compresses the functionality of the TV, and if you have components connected that require high energy rates, then those settings may disable them to perform to their optimum level, ultimately leading to flickering on TV. 

Refresh Rate & Room Brightness 

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

A fun fact: LCD screens normally always flicker as the screen updates quite fast, but the naked eye doesn’t catch up to it.¬†

In comparison to the traditional Cathode Ray Tube screens, LCDs have less screen flickering problems. Why is that? Simply, because the latter has a higher update rate. 

Though, if you watch shows on a LCD TV screen under dark lightning, you may find your TV screen flickering. To fix up this issue, all you gotta do is just adjust the room or screen brightness. 

Video Sources Includes Flickering 

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

If the original video source includes flickering then the same is going to project on your LCD TV. It doesn’t matter what the video source is, whether a live event or a recording, if it includes the flicker images, then there’s nothing much you can do, other than just replacing the video source.¬†

Internal Connection Issues

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

If there’s an internal side issue, then you are probably going to need to get in touch with an expert. The connection ribbon or some other electrical component might have failed up or could be on the verge of failing.¬†

If there’s an internal issue, then it’s a sign that the internal components need to get fixed up at the earliest, and in worst cases, if needed you may have to even end up replacing TV.¬†

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How To Fix a Flickering Insignia TV Screen:

We saw that a lot of individuals were looking on how to fix a flickering Insignia TV screen, and that’s why we decided to come up with this section.

Like we said earlier, again we repeat, if none of the above methods tend to work for you, then only go for the following techniques. 

(Note: We are now going to interfere with the internal parts of the TV, so, everything that you do would be at your own risk. We won’t be responsible for any kind of damage. Personally, we would recommend you to consult with an expert/professional in case of the internal parts inspection. Rest, all is up to you!)¬†

Remove the Screw:

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

  • Open up your TV back panel by removing the screws
  • Slowly remove the plastic part from the metal body.
  • Once you are in the area where the control panel buttons are, the trick starts.
  • There would be wires connecting the plastic panel to the TV. Out of that, the leftmost wire/circuit has to be disabled.
  • That’s it! Reconnect the back panel to the TV and you are done!

Replace LEDs

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

If the above method or disconnection of LVDS cable don’t seem to work out for you, then you may try replacing the LEDs.¬†

It isn’t very hard to replace the LEDs, however, it isn’t that easy too. In the process, you may even end up damaging the TV panel, and unfortunately, the TV panel isn’t repairable.

Replace T-con board, Main board & TV panel

How To Fix A Flickering TV Screen In 2021

If nothing from the above seems to fix the flickering issue, then it’s time to go the extra mile on how to fix a flickering TV screen.¬†

You can try individually replacing the Main board and T-con board. If the problem still persists, then there are high chances that the problem is with your TV panel only. 

As already said above, TV panels aren’t repairable, and therefore, you will have to get it replaced only.


  • What are some commonly used basic tactics to fix flickering TV screen?

Ans: Resetting the telvision set, unplugging the power cables, etc are some of the most basic fixes that you can give a shot. How to exactly go on doing even these basic steps can be essential at some points. Thats why, no matter how easy or complex the solution is going to be, make sure you read our guide very carefully.

  • Which is the best TV brand which will not have much flickering issue?

Ans: There’s no specific TV brand which comes with a guarantee of no errors or technical issues. To just minimise the chances of these issues arising up, at most, you can just opt for the well known and reputed brands, like Sony, Samsung, etc.


From the above article, you would have at least understood one thing, and i.e., you can troubleshoot everything on your own. However, when it comes to the internal components inspection, we personally never encourage non-techies to pick up the screws. If you feel you have the required technical experience and won’t end up messing the internal system, then you may go ahead.¬†

Anyways, whatever you do, perform it at your own risk. Our work was to teach you how to fix a flickering TV screen, and rest all is up to how to take it off from here! 


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