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How To Permanently Delete An Instagram Business Account In 2020? [Latest]

Well, don’t know how to delete an instagram business account? We can learn it out here along with the process of opening an instagram business account if you didn’t know about its features and usage.

Instagram has become one of the highest rated and used apps after Facebook. After Facebook bought Instagram, they incorporated the story feature in both facebook and instagram where you can edit the stories through a variety of filters on instagram and share the same edited story on Instagram.

This led the already coveted businesses and influencers on facebook with fan pages to drive more engagement and Instagram suddenly saw a huge spike in the number of business accounts being registered on their platform.

The ad spent though was much less on Instagram than facebook but the co. has said to be catching up and would be the next big thing in digital ads space after fb in 2020.

Coming to the main topic of how to delete an instagram business account. Let’s talk about their unknown features which might prompt you to not delete the account but if you still feel like it, you can do it through the process stated below!

Benefits of Instagram Business Account 

 Instagram Insights delete an instagram account 2020

It is the feature why businesses signed up for Instagram irrespective of having a page on Facebook. The insights let us know whether the post has reached, type of reactions made, prospective leads, and much more.Instagram tracks your post and lets you know the exact figures and numbers of followers change, post reach, the number of clicks on the post, profile views, reach, etc. 

 Lets you add a contact buttondelete an instagram account 2020

Okay, this is a very crucial feature for a business account. Letting your viewers and customers know your contact information. This contact button has its own unique and different benefits. 

When you add a contact button on your business profile, it connects you directly with your audience. The contact button lets you add not only your contact number but also your location (address) and your email ID to address all the queries and get more refined leads . 

 The industry can be seen on your profile instagram account 2020

When you add the industry you’re working in, the feature allows you to access all the related profiles in the industry, know the trend,and all the news around the industry, it helps a business to make more informed decisions and take a risk free approach in attaining the customers.

Advertising gets easierdelete an instagram business account

To advertise anything, you need to have a Business account on Instagram as it does not allow personal accounts to be used for promotions. With all the trends and majority of the youth interacting on the platform has made Instagram as a top source of advertising for major businesses across the globe.

Guess What? They now allow you to access Instagram on the web and you can read about it here!

Influencers use Business accountsdelete an instagram business account

The influencers in the field of lifestyle, fashion, music, dance, or entertainment have been one of the best organic marketing methods, you simply need to pay some fees and get access to your target market in a zip! Now that influencers can use business accounts, they companies tap into the target audience and get the desired result. 

Note: If you can click here to read more about how to guides or answers to your how to questions in 2020.

Hence having a business account if you are an influencer is a common thing in today’s time; instead, it is considered advisable to have a business account. 

There are numerous reasons as to why one decides to delete their Instagram account. The reasons may differ with different businesses if the business is not working quite well as expected or if they are facing issues such as  hacking or cyber bullying etc. 

There are also different ways in which you can delete your business account

  1. You can either shift from a business account to a personal account.
  2. Or deactivate the entire functioning of the account.
  3. And last and the final option of permanently removing your Instagram business account.
  4. You can either shift from the business account to a personal account, for this particular type all you need to do is:

– Go on your account

– Open settings

– Go on the account option

– Then simply click on ‘switch to a personal account.’

It is as simple as that; with the help of a few clicks, you can switch your business account into a personal account. 

To delete an Instagram business account, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.delete social media account

  • Log in to the Instagram web version on your desktop, as this method only works with the desktop version.
  • Click on the edit tab once you login to your Instagram account.
  • Once you scroll through the list of options, you can see a button ‘temporarily disable my account.’
  • Now, you can click on this button, Instagram will ask you the reason for deactivating the account. After you provide a valid reason for deactivating your account, Instagram deactivates it.

Deactivation option helps the users to come back to their account once they are back from their work stress or social media stress.

In case, if you are planning to delete your Instagram account permanently, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, log in to your desktop.
  • Now, login to the web version of your Instagram account.
  • Go to the delete your account page by clicking on the direct link provided on the website.
  • Now, provide a valid reason for Instagram to delete your account permanently.
  • Retype your password and select the option “permanently delete my account.”

Once you select the option and proceed with the deletion, your Instagram account is deleted permanently.


Why can’t I delete my Instagram business manager account?

You cannot delete your business Manager account because you might have an outstanding payment for your ads or multiple apps added to your account.

How do I remove an Instagram account I’ve added?

If you are having multiple Instagram accounts on your mobile phone, then you can try to switch the profile by tapping on the option present at bottom right.

After you switch the account, click on the gear icon present at the top right corner.

Now, scroll down and there you can find an option to remove all the added accounts. Click on log out of multiple accounts.

How long can you deactivate Instagram?

You can deactivate your Instagram account for a maximum period of 30 days beyond which your profile gets deleted permanently.

What happens if you deactivate Instagram?

Once you deactivate Instagram, your comments, likes, photos, and other data will be hidden. Once you activate the account, data will be restored.


In short, it is recommended to think twice if you are sure of deleting your Instagram account permanently or temporarily. Because you will lose your data permanently if you click on the “delete an Instagram business account permanently” option. In case, if you want a temporary break from Instagram, you can disable the account for a few days.


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