how to convert celsius to fahrenheit reddit

How To Convert Celsius (C°) To Fahrenheit (F°) In 2020 [Detailed]💡💡

Celsius and Fahrenheit are two of the most commonly used units of measurements across the globe. People generally confuse it when it comes to conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius. To make it easier for you, we will guide you on how to convert Celsius (C°) To Fahrenheit (F°), but before that, let’s discuss in brief about the two-unit of measurements.


Celsius is a unit of measurement that was developed by Swedish astronomer Andres Celsius. As you would have already guessed it, the sign of measure of Temperature has been named after him only. In Celsius, 0 degrees is equivalent to the freezing point of water whereas 100 degree showcases water’s boiling point.

What is Centigrade?

Earlier, Celsius was termed as Centigrade until 1948 when the union decided to standardize different kinds of units for measurements (temperature scale included) . This decision was taken by The Conference Generale des Poids et Measures.

Back in 1900’s, the unit of measurement was ‘Grade“, but the experts assumed that if it was continued, it would potentially lead to a lot of confusion, and that’s when Celsius was adopted.


It is a unit of measurement developed and named by a German-born scientist, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, and is majorly used across the United States and nearby areas. Other parts of the world follow the Celsius scale.

How to convert Celsius To Fahrenheit:

Let’s learn how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit quickly. It’s straightforward to convert Celsius To Fahrenheit. All you have to do is take the number that you wish to convert and follow the below-mentioned Celsius to Fahrenheit equation/procedure:

  • From the number subtract 32.
  • Multiply by 5.
  • Divide by 9.s
  • You can also directly subtract 32 and divide by 1.8.

Easiest Way To Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit

If the above method confuses you, then we have got you covered with a shortcut in place of your regular Celsius to Fahrenheit equation. Also, there’s no need of referring to any Celsius to Fahrenheit chart. The shortcut trick is as follows:

  • Take the Temperature (Celsius) 
  • Multiply it by 2
  • Add 30 to the solution. 
  • That’s it! You now have an approx. the temperature in degree Fahrenheit. 

How To Convert Celsius (C°) To Fahrenheit (F°) With a Calculator? 

If you are a person who’s terrible at calculations and would like to rely entirely on calculators, then make sure you read up ‘how to convert Celsius (C°) to Fahrenheit (F°) with a calculator’ section very carefully. 

We have got you covered with some advanced tools that will help you to perform conversions of the different measurements. Let’s check out some of the most accurate and commonly used scientific tools/calculators.

  • Google Calculator 


What could be potentially better than Google’s calculator? Google is a name that you can trust and just by even directly typing your equation; for instance, 34 degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit, the result shows up. 

If you want you can manually search for Unit Calculator and then perform the conversion. Just select the type to Temperature, choose the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and enter your values.

  • EasyUnitConverter

how to convert celsius to fahrenheit reddit

As the name says, EasyUnitConveter, actually makes it pretty easy to perform your conversions. It’s a simple yet advanced online unit calculator that runs on formulas derived from Wikipedia and other credible sources. 

It’s effortless to convert the metric unit (Celsius) to the imperial unit (Fahrenheit). The calculator is pretty user friendly, and you need to make sure that you land upon the correct conversion page. 

  • Online Conversion 

how to convert celsius to fahrenheit

A very old, simple looking yet handy online calculator that will not get you wrong in terms of temperature measurements. When we first saw OnlineConversion, we were a bit surprised that such a simple looking website ( like the ones you used to see in the 2010s) is ranking well in today’s time

An accurate tool that even runs on slow internet connections. That’s how one would describe a 5* rated tool for Celsius to Fahrenheit equation.

  • Quad-Lock Unit Converter

how to convert celsius to fahrenheit in 2020

Quad-Lock Unit Converter is a free software for Windows that can carry out conversions within seconds. Standard units like the Temperature unit are available directly under the eyes, but if by chance, it’s missing from the list, then you can instantly find it through the Search function. 

There’s a smart input box where it judges expressions and calculations. Also, there’s even an option to add custom units. 

It’s a complete portable software that’s equally fast and efficient to other tools listed above.

To use the program, you won’t have to go through the pain of any installation package, registration, etc. The conversions happen so fast that by the time, you end by typing your value, you will have your desired output in front of your eyes. 

  • ConvertAll

how to quickly convert celsius to fahrenheit in your head

If you are looking for a quick and anonymous way of performing temperature conversions, then there can’t be a tool that supports both Windows and Linux except for ConvertAll. 

It is also available as a portable app so that you can use it even on the go. The best part about ConvertAll is that it leaves no traces of personal information behind on your computer. 

What are some applications of Celsius?

As you would already get a brief idea until now, Celsius is the most standard and commonly used temperature scale across the globe. It’s found to be used in a variety of scientific applications. 

The reason for its vast popularity is because the size of Celsius is the same as that of Kelvin.In comparison to the latter, Celsius is far more comfortable to use with other calculations and units.

During the 1970s, almost all the countries adopted Celsius as the standard metric measurement system.

What are some applications of Fahrenheit? 

Fahrenheit was in quite a usage until Celsius didn’t become the standard norm across the world. During the 1960-70s, the world adopted Celsius as a new standard unit of measurement, leading to the decline of the Fahrenheit scale. 

Fahrenheit is in practice in the United States and some other places like Bahamas, Palau, and the Cayman Islands. 

The whole world’s scientists majorly use the Celsius scale only, but it’s mainly the U.S. meteorologists that continue to use the Fahrenheit scale for purposes like weather forecasting. 

In Canada, you will find the usage of both the Temperature, across the media and meteorologists. Fahrenheit is counted under the Imperial System and is not a part of the metric system.


  • Which is the best method to convert Celsius To Fahrenheit? 

Ans: It clearly depends from individual to individual! For instance, If ‘A’ wants to perform the conversions for scientific reasons, then there are quite chances that he’d probably go for a reliable unit calculator. 

Whereas, if someone else wants to just convert daily temperatures then the memorization technique or normal pen paper calculation would be more than fine. 

  • Which is the best online tool to perform temperature conversions? 

Ans: If you are looking forward to converting simple and non complex numbers then any standard unit calculator like Google’s Calculator would be fine. But, if you want to go a little technical, and want to ascertain 100% accuracy, then go for ConvertAll. 

  • Is it safe to use the conversion tools? 

Ans: Yes, definitely! These are direct, free and safe to use programs that you can use whenever and wherever you want. 


It isn’t very hard to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. 

It’s just that, it may take a little time to learn how to convert Celsius(C°) to Fahrenheit(F°) in your mind. 

We would recommend you to memorize the most common temperatures as that will eradicate the need to perform calculations every time. This is not a perfect life hack, but for the common digits, this should save up your time. For more such time saving and common life hacks, follow HowToTalky here!


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