How To Connect Airpods To Macbook Air And Pro In 2020?🔌🔌

This article will take you through a definitive guide on how to connect AirPods to MacBook air and pro in 2020.

When it comes to wireless earbuds, Apple’s Airpods seem to have been dominating the market ever since we saw them back in late 2016. 

Even in today’s time, the buzz created around the Airpods brand seems to be getting bigger and is justified by sales numbers and multiple journals touting it as a revolution in the headphones space!

The most recent news of the launch of AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Studio has just made it stand out against their growing competitors.

Airpods are primarily marketed keeping iPhones in mind, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use these for MacBooks.

Before we move on to the topic of how to connect airpods to macbook, we shall discuss a little about Airpods and Macbook in brief.

Airpods are wireless in-earphones directly from the house of Apple. They are worldwide popular for their build quality, sound quality, and the after-sales service. When paired with Apple products, the Airpods seem to throw magic at your ears, thanks to the W1 Chip.

Apple Airpod
Apple Airpod

MacBook is a series of Macintosh laptop computers that run mainly on MacOS, but also have support for Windows, Linux and UNIX. The latest version of MacBook was launched in the year 2019. MacBook’s are the best choice for both personal and professional usage. MacBook Pro is available in both 8 GB and 16 GB memory.

Apple Macbook
Apple Macbook

How To Connect Airpods To Macbook

In the process of learning how to connect airpods to macbook air and pro, we will have different methods for commonly used MacBook models: MacBook Air & MacBook Pro. 

MacBook Air:

When it comes to mass usage, MacBook Air is slightly more popular and always in demand.. The MacBook Air is known for its portability as its lighter in weight as in comparison to MacBook Pro. 

MacBook Pro:

It’s for the users who plan to take on heavy tasks and that’s why the device comes with a higher price. The consumer market of the MacBook Pro differs from that of the Air. Though, unfortunately, the heavy tasking comes with a drawback of low portability.

Even though the models are different in terms of usage, portability and pricing. The steps of how to connect airpods to macbook air and pro are the same respectively.

Steps To Be Followed To Connect Airpods To Macbook

  1. If you are using 1st generation Airpods, ensure you have downloaded macOS10.15.1, and if you own 2nd generation Airpods, you should have downloaded macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or next.
  2. On your MacBook, log into your iCloud by using your Apple ID and passcode.
  3. Ensure your AirPods are charged.
  4. Open and Plug your pods.
  5. Switch on Bluetooth on your MacBook.
  6. Now click on your MacBook, click on the Volume Control button or look for Bluetooth Menu and later choose your headphone type from the menu list shown on your Mac.
  7. Click on Connect. Your Airpod and Bluetooth are connected.

Second Scenario – When You Do Not See Your Airpods In The Bluetooth List, You Should Pair Your Airpods With Your MacBook.

  • On your Apple Computer, go to system preferences on the Apple Menu then select Bluetooth.
  • Open the lid of the Airpods charging box.
  • There will be a setup button on the lower part of the charging box and press until the white flash button gets on.
  • Ensure the Bluetooth is switched on your MacBook.
  • On your MacBook Bluetooth list, select the headphone type you want to connect to and click on the connect tab appearing on the right-hand side.
  • Do the testing after all the steps are completed.
  • Play the Audio and Video and check the sound. 
  • You Can quickly decrease or increase the volume as per preferences
  • You can control the volume of your connected Airpods through a MacBook soundbar or directly pressing the wireless volume buttons.
    Connect Airpod to Macbook
    Connect Airpod to Macbook

    After The testing, If Still The Audio Is Played From The MacBook Speakers. Perform The Few Easy Steps Below:

    1. Open the Volume control screen on your MacBook.
    2. On the Volume Menu, ensure to select your connected Airpods as Output devices, and the issue is resolved, you can hear the relaxing eternal music.

    In A Rare Scenario, Post Pairing Of Devices The AirPods Might Not Connect Automatically, In That Case Follow The Steps Below:

    1. Switch off and on both the devices
    2. Repair 

    Such instances might occur not often, however, due to multiple devices available to connect to the MacBook nearby.


    Can I Connect Airpods To The iPad?

    Yes, Airpods are compatible with all the Apple devices.

    Should I Connect My MacBook Every Time I Use Airpods?

    Yes, if you are connecting multiple devices to your Airpods, you should click on the link. However, the pairing of tools is a one-time affair.

    What Is The Difference Between Airpods 1st and 2nd Generation?

    There is not much difference between 1st and 2nd generation Airpods. The design, charging case, speaker capacity is all the same. The second-generation Airpod is with an enhanced H1 processor, and it pairs with Siri- Bluetooth 5 connectivity.

    Is Pairing The MacBook And Airpods Necessary?

    Yes, Pairing the MacBook and Airpods is Mandatory to have easy accessibility. Whenever you want to switch from MacBook speakers to Airpods, the pairing of devices helps connect immediately once you Plug into your Airpods.


    By following the steps mentioned above and procedure, users can enjoy the relaxing experience or learn how to connect AirPods to Macbook air and pro in 2020

    Listen to Music, Listen to Audio for presentation, focus, and enjoy the clarity of Audio. Also, Receive, and make Audio and video calls hands free. The battery life of the Apple Airpods is enormous. The Airpods are classy, stylish, and give a soothing experience.

    Ensure your MacBook Bluetooth is Switch on to ensure quick access and connect whenever you want to switch to Audio through Airpods. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are both compatible with Airpods.



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